The Division 2 Is Going To Let You Reconfigure Exotics

Some good changes coming.
Some good changes coming. Ubisoft

The Division 2 revealed that it’s going to give players the ability to reconfigure Exotics. With this, players should be able to bring the level of their Exotics to their current level or improve current Exotics. This feature is set to arrive with Title Update 9, which will be released on April 21.

Exotic Items are nothing new to The Division 2 as these were previously known as Named Gear Items. These are considered the rarest, along with the most exclusive, pieces of gear in the game. In other games these would be called “legendary”.

With the upcoming update, players should be able to upgrade their exotics to level 40 at the crafting bench through a new Reconfigure menu. Reconfiguring means that players can now reroll their exotics, though this comes at a cost. However, it gives players a chance to get a good roll after getting the weapon. Take note that it’s also possible to have negative changes.

In addition, players can reconfigure the same exotic multiple times. It should be important to note that reconfiguring uses exotic components and reconfiguration blueprints.

What happens is that Reconfigure Blueprints are going to be available for all Exotics in the game. This includes the ones introduced in the latest Warlords of New York expansion. Once players get a specific Exotic, they can then buy the Reconfigure Blueprint from Inaya, the crafting Vendor. Any existing upgrade blueprints owned will be converted immediately Reconfigure Blueprints.

As mentioned, there are costs in Reconfiguring. Doing such a thing on Exotic costs players one Exotic Component. This is in addition to the generic crafting materials needed for the particular Exotic. Meanwhile, deconstructing Exotic items yields one Exotic Component.

Other Changes

So what else is coming with Title update 9? For balance changes, expect some minor ones for “Best in slot” items like Hollow Man Yaahl mask. Also expect to see some buffs and performance improvements for some of the underperforming weapons and talents.

Meanwhile, some fixes arriving with the upcoming update include:

  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to reach The Angel of Mercy contaminated area.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Nemesis Exotic to not trigger the Focus Gear Talent while scoped.
  • Replaced the Thieves Den PS4 trophy that was unobtainable since the expansion launch. It’s currently planned to be replaced by entering the Dark Zone.
  • More fixes to Gear Sets, fixing Aces & Eights’ Poker Face not working properly, for example.
  • Booster Hive description will be fixed to correctly state that the hive delivers a stimulant to nearby allies that increases their weapon damage and handling.

Learn more about what’s happening in The Division 2 here.

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