The Division 2 State Of The Game 4/22: A Nerf Is Coming To the M1A

There's a nerf coming.
There's a nerf coming. Ubisoft

The Division 2 announced in its latest State of the Game that a rebalance is arriving for the M1A Classic Rifle, a nerf actually. There’s also going to be a free play window for the game along with a new manhunt for Warlords of New York.

Before we go to the changes, The Division 2 officially launched Title Update 9. One big improvement that arrived with the update is that players can now reconfigure Exotics. You can read more about that here. Of course, there's also rebalancing and you can learn more about that here.

Continuing with the current State of the Game, the M1A has been nerfed by around 40%. However, this isn’t final yet, as according to the team at The Division 2, the move to work from home has resulted in the developers not being able to put in a more thorough rebalance. However, once that future update does come around, expect the M1A to get a more drastic power reduction.

As part of the new update, this week the stats of the M1A are going to be changed back to its pre-Title Update 9 version. In addition, the version for PvP is going to have a 20% reduction instead of 40%.

Another rebalance that has been implemented is the Send-Off Talent Removal. Holstered talents for example have now been removed from all weapons. This was initially missed for the Send-Off shotgun.

Players should expect a larger balance pass, which is still being worked on. The team is expecting to release this in June but that can still change.

Free Trial

The Division 2 revealed as well that it’s offering a free trial. This lets those who don't already own a copy to play the game for as long as eight hours and up to Level 8. The free trial isn’t going to have any Dark Zone or PvP access. There also some features that are disabled, which include clan functionality, store functionality, and referral system functionality. While this may not be much, it’s still enough to give a feel of the game to new players. Those who play the free trial and decide to buy the game will have their character progression carried to the full game.

New Manhunt

Warlords of New York Shadow Tide released its third target, known as Saturn. As always, players need to take down four other targets before being able to reach the Prime Target. A Double XP Event is also live and available until April 28.

Finally, the Urban Jungle Apparel Event is set to end on April 28. Until then, players can still buy and gift keys, along with being able to spend them. Once the event ends, the Urban Jungle Apparel Cache is no longer going to be live, but the event items are still going to be available for purchase through the in-game store.

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