The Division 2 Reviewing Warlords Of New York Difficulty Balance

Is it too difficult?
Is it too difficult? Ubisoft

The Division 2 announced in its latest State of the Game that it's currently going over the difficulty balance of Warlords of New York. In addition NPC health is also being reviewed. This action is mainly due to the feedback given from players over the past week.

In relation to the topics mentioned, three issues are being looked into which are:

  • General difficulty balancing
    • This refers to how much health and armor that enemies have per difficulty level along with the amount of damage they can inflict.
  • Co-op scaling
    • Scaling is also done based on how many players are currently present in the game and this affects not only the enemy health but also their damage.
  • Dark Zone time-to-kill (TTK)
    • This is currently faster than what was intended by the developers.

According to the post made by the team at The Division 2, the balance to be implemented should follow the philosophy that difficulty should matter. The team went on to say that "one should master the previous difficulty before taking on the next level."

In addition, builds should have effects on the Agent's TTK. Players going on a Tank build should be able to take a beating while those who go for DPS should be like glass cannons.

The team also revealed that there are balance adjustments planned. The first of these adjustments is the Challenge mode. This mode was developed in order for players to create that perfect build. However, this limited the diversity of the builds so it's going to get an adjustment. Co-op scaling is also getting balanced for this mode, particularly for named and Elite enemies. One of the problems is that when the Challenge mode and co-op scaling is combined, the difficulty increases more than expected. The team is working on this.

The second is the Heroic mode, which is intended to serve as a challenge for everyone. While it's going to be adjusted a bit, the difficulty is going to be kept high.

For those asking about the Hard mode, this is currently working as intended so there's going to be no adjustment.

Read more about what’s been happening and what’s being planned in The Division 2 and its Warlords of New York expansion here.

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