The Division 2 Doing Season Re-Runs

Ready to have another go?
Ready to have another go? Ubisoft

Looks like we are indeed getting re-runs in The Division 2. This means the game is bringing back the Year 2 Seasons, which is good news for those who missed it the first time or have yet to try it.

What about those who have finished all the seasonal events and contents? They still get the usual rewards for one. However, they now have a chance to take on the events with a different build. Those looking for a challenge can even go through them again without modifiers or even go at it at a higher difficulty level.

The reason why we’re getting these re-runs is that The Division 2 team is working on new content. You can read all about it here .

New Season

Season 5 starts March and runs through June 1. This Season re-run is offering players a purchasable Season Pass where they can unlock the Premium reward track. But those who already have the same pass for the particular season no longer need to buy it.

Here’s how the season is going to play out:

  • Manhunt
    • Target Neptune: March 9
    • Target Venus: March 30
    • Target Saturn: April 20
    • Target Mercury: May 11
  • Global Event
    • Golden Bullet: March 23
    • Polarity Switch: April 13
    • Reanimated: May 4
    • Guardians: May 25
  • League
    • Westside: March 16
    • Northeast: April 6
    • Home: April 27
    • Hill: May 18

A Bit of Background

For those new to The Division 2, here’s a breakdown of what those events mean. Let’s start with Manhunt where players are given a target that they need to takeout. Once they manage to finish off all four Manhunts, they can now take on the main Manhunt, which is Jupiter.

The second is Leagues where players can show off their skills and rise through the ranks by going against each other in timed events. For those who’ve already gone through this before, this is a good time to join and get their hands on gear that can complete their collection.

Finally, there are Global Events where players have the chance to go for global modifiers and change the gameplay experience. To get an idea of what this is about, take the first one for example. In the Golden Bullet, enemies are given the said bullet that can do some serious damage. Despite the massive damage, they take time to load so that should be enough time to stop them.

What do you think? Is this good enough until the new content drops?

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