The Division 2 News: Title Update 4 Arrives On The PTS

You can now check out the new specialization, Gunner, alongside some new features.
Title Update 4 is now live on The Division 2's PTS.
Title Update 4 is now live on The Division 2's PTS. Ubisoft

Another big update has dropped for Ubisoft’s The Division 2, this time making its way to the PC-only public test server (PTS).

This big update is an early look at the incoming Title Update 4. This patch for the PTS was released yesterday, June 4 at 10:00 a.m. EDT, so players on PC are now privy to the many changes found within it.

Despite this, Title Update 4's official release for The Division 2 is still far off, as Ubisoft stated that it is still very much in active development. Players on the PTS can expect more polish for the final product, including additional bug fixes and various balancing changes. If you’re a PTS user yourself, and you have some feedback with regards to Title Update 4 for The Division 2, head out to the PTS Forums to share your thoughts with the development team.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the key aspects within Title Update 4, the ones where you should focus on in terms of expected feedback. For a more detailed look at the PTS changes, check out the original blog posting here.

Gunner, the new specialization

Ubisoft revealed the new Gunner specialization for The Division 2 yesterday, and now it’s available for players to try out on the PTS. The Gunner is the first post-launch specialization to be introduced to The Division 2, and as such, you can expect Ubisoft to keep a look out on this aspect in terms of various bugs and issues which may be present.

Special Field Research, a brand-new feature

Unlocking the Gunner specialization requires you to finish specific Special Field Research tasks. These are comprised of a number of in-game challenges in The Division 2. However, if you own the Year 1 Season Pass, you will automatically unlock the new Specialization, with the in-game challenges rewarding you with unique cosmetic items instead. The development team also noted that all PTS participants will have access to the Gunner specialization immediately, as this ensure that the developers can collect as much feedback as possible.

The development team at Massive also shared some of the known issues that they have found in the game, as a heads-up to any PTS players who will encounter them.

  • Special Field Research "Light Gunnery" objective does not specify the amount or names of control points to be cleared.
    • Workaround: Only the "The Nest" and "Ivy Tunnel" control points will count towards completion.
  • Special Field Research "Foam Party" objective (Kill enemies who are stuck in foam) does not count kills where the NPC was trapped by another players foam.
  • Special Field Research "Capture Control Points as a Demolitionist" objectives are misleading.
    • Workaround: Capture "Navy Plaza", "Fallen Cranes" & "Demolition Site" as a Demolitionist to complete the objective.
  • Any Special Field Research objective requiring kills with a specific weapon class does not count when the agent has a chem launcher equipped.

The Division 2 is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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