The Division 2 Is Getting A PC-Exclusive Public Test Server

The Public Test Server will be live before Update 3 is due.
The Division 2 gets its very own public test server - only for PC.
The Division 2 gets its very own public test server - only for PC. Ubisoft

Public Test Servers are present in many popular online games. They feature a mutually-beneficial system that makes both players and developers happy. Developers get to test out bugs and see how players react to changes and additions before they make the changes live, and players get to experience brand-new content and gameplay updates before anyone else. Following in the footsteps of games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, which both have very popular public test servers, The Division 2 is getting its very own, exclusive to PC.

In the latest developer livestream - State of the Game #116 - Live Content Manager Yannick Banchereau revealed that The Division 2 is getting its very own public test server open for all players. Before you can even ask - no, the upcoming raid scheduled to release alongside Update 3 will not be in the PTS, so everyone can enjoy the game’s first raid when it officially goes live. Instead, the test server aims to serve the same way other games’ public test servers do. Before Ubisoft releases Update 3, they want to make sure that everything else is stable and balanced. They want to test the overall quality of the patch and see how the community responds to potential new items.

Unfortunately for console gamers, the Public Test Server will only be available for PC players. Banchereau explained that this is to maximize the effectiveness of the testing process, and make sure that the public test server is fast and flexible. The PTS will be available as a standalone game on Uplay, meaning players won’t be able to import or export their progress from the live servers to the public test servers, or vice versa.

Fans of the title are getting ready for the upcoming eight-player raid, Operation Dark Hours. While there has been no official announcement regarding when the PTS will go live, we have confirmed that Operation Dark Hours and the rest of Update 3 is set to go live on April 25.

What do you think about The Division 2 getting its own public test server? Do you think they should make a PTS for the console editions as well? As a PC player, will you be participating in the public test? Let us know in the comments section below!

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