The Division 2 Concealed Agenda Returns in Season 6

It's time to welcome a new season.
It's time to welcome a new season. Ubisoft

Season 6 of The Division 2 is here and it’s bringing back Concealed Agenda. This is available to those who have the Warlords of New York expansion. Like the first time it arrived in the game, agents once again have to hunt down Bardon Schaeffer.

Some of you may already be familiar with the theme and it’s by design. Back in March, it was revealed that the game was getting reruns and the reason given was the team is currently working on new content. So until it drops, there’s going to be a repeat of previous seasons.

Going back to The Division 2 Season 6, Concealed Agenda focuses on Black Tusk as they continue to destabilize the Division. Already a problem for the Division as one of its most wanted, Schaeffer appears to have allied himself with a common enemy, the four Rogue Agents, helping him fulfill his plans.

What this means is for Agents to defeat him, they need to take down his team. The first of these is Shade, which players can try and beat starting June 8. Helping players with their progress is the Double XP event starting on the same day. The other Rogue Agents players need to hunt are:

  • Wraith
    • Available Starting: June 29
  • Dusk
    • Available Starting: July 20
  • Belfry
    • Available Starting: August 10

Global Events and Leagues

Season 6 also brings back SHD Exposed, Hollywood, Polarity Switch, and the Guardians Global Event. Like in the past, these can be toggled with the Season UI.

To earn stars from the Global Event Challenges, they need to be finished in the first four days. Players can also earn additional stars when they get levels while the events are active. These stars can then be used to get caches and don’t forget to use them since they expire.

Time-attack challenges and Leagues are returning as well in Season 6. Here, players have the chance to go against others to know who’s the best agent. Players can rank up in the League and earn as many as 10 specific League rewards.

Season Pass

There’s a Season Pass that players can buy to unlock the Premium rewards track. It’s available at the in-game store for 1,000 Premium Credits. However, for those who already bought the Pass previously, they don't have to buy it again.

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