Disney Dreamlight Valley: Players Beware, the Nefarious Scar is Here

Scar's Kingdom Update
Scar's Kingdom Update Twitter/@DisneyDLV

The first major content patch for the life-simulation adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available on all platforms.

The Scar’s Kingdom Update, as you can already tell, brings the nefarious Scar to Disney Dreamlight Valley. In addition, you will be exploring the memorable Sunlit Plateau as you investigate the mysterious dark magic that envelopes this once-vibrant place.

There’s also a new Star Path that provides you with new Halloween-inspired cosmetics, perfect for this season. However, you have to be willing to tap into your dark side if you are to complete all of the new event duties.

Halloween Cosmetics
Halloween Cosmetics Gameloft

Aside from the new content, the Scar’s Kingdom Update implements a lot of improvements and optimizations. For instance, the stability and performance when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley on consoles are now better than ever.

Patch Notes

  • Optimized textures on PlayStation 4
  • Reduced the intensity of lightning storms flashes
  • Improved interior lighting
  • Mickey, Merlin, and Goofy went shopping and redecorated their homes!
  • Improved Furniture Edit Mode controls for controllers
  • Optimized audio to reduce file sizes
  • Various performance optimizations across all platforms
  • Improved the performance of large gardens
  • Wild crops (mushrooms, spices, etc.) will now respawn in a different place every morning. This means that crops spawning in inaccessible areas will not remain inaccessible and will respawn in a new location every day
  • Campfires are now craftable
  • Water characters are more likely to be drawn to the player when standing near a shore
  • Donald Duck has finally found his land-legs, reducing how long his tantrums last
  • Water characters will now be able to swim behind Skull Rock instead of having to go inland to get from one side of the beach to the other
Quest Progression
  • Anna
    • Stone Soup is now recognized as cooked for players who are stuck on "The Spirits of Nature" quest
  • Elsa
    • Elsa will now remain outside until you have the pickaxe upgrade to deal with the ice crystals
    • Fixed a blocker during the "Follow Elsa to explore the Ice Cavern" objective
Furniture Edit Mode
  • Meals, seeds and flowers can now properly be placed on tables
  • Player house doors will no longer block certain objects like radios
  • Tableware can now be selected properly when placed on a table
  • Furniture placed near the bridge in the Plaza can now be selected properly
  • Furniture in the Elephant Graveyard in the Sunlit Plateau can now be selected properly
  • Improved Founder's Pack item granting in player mailboxes. This should help resolve some issues which have persisted. The team will continue to investigate additional fixes if any players continue to encounter issues.
  • Improved Cloud Save system. In the case of a Cloud Save conflict, players will now be prompted by the following in-game pop-up to select which save file they would like to sync with.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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