Disney Dreamlight Valley First Patch Brings Balancing Changes

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Disney Dreamlight Valley was recently released on all major platforms in early access mode. As you would expect from a not-finished game, the developer has already started updating it. The very first patch for the title went live, and it brought several balancing changes and a ton of bug fixes.

Sparkling buried items received multiple adjustments. Their respawn timer range was increased, and Dream Shards were added to the reward loot table. Every sparkling buried item can spawn either one to two Dream Shards or one to two Night Shards. Loot tables for clearing Night Thorns were tweaked as well. The chance of coal dropping was reduced, but the odds for Dream Shards dropping were increased.

Feeding critters also received a handful of changes. Its loot tables won’t feature Flowers anymore. Dream Shards are now added to the table if you feed critters something they like. Previously, you could only get Dream Shards if you feed critters with something they love.

  • Fixed Error #7, which caused some players to experience an issue with the game sticking on the loading screen if they quit the game while having the "Well Fed" active buff.
  • Fixed account desynchronization issue that occurred when selecting Back to Title Screen on Epic Games Store.
  • Fixed issue causing some users to be desynchronized from their profile due to connection latency.
  • Improved online reconnection while playing.
User Interface and Experience
  • Increased text font size on Switch.
  • Increased menu loading speed.
  • Reduced crash frequency on Switch. Additional optimization will come in future updates.
  • Fixed an issue with a quest item from Donald Duck's "A House Fit for a Duck" quest that spawned in an unreachable part of his house.
  • Fixed an issue in which quest items were stuck in the bottom of the Mystical Cave on the beach.
  • Fixed an issue in which completing Goofy’s "Fishing Expedition" quest did not work correctly if the player’s inventory was full.
  • Fixed an issue in which a Memory Shard appeared in an unreachable part of Merlin’s Dreamlight Library.
Customization (House, Valley, Avatar)
  • Fixed an issue in which players who imported clothing from the Avatar Designer Tool were unable to change clothing or clothing appeared invisible.
  • Fixed an issue in which some rewards from the Star Path would be available to acquire in areas of the game they were not intended to.
  • Fixed an issue with Ariel’s Seafoam Gown (Friendship Reward), in which it was displayed as invisible.
  • Fixed an issue in which the player could not cook on the Oven and Hood gifted by Remy (Friendship Reward).
  • Adjusted Miguel motif.

You can check out the complete patch notes via the official site.

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