Blocklords: Pre-Registration for Early Access Now Available

Build your own legacy.
Build your own legacy. MetaKing Studios

The pre-registration for the early access of Blocklords is now open. The game offers a Game of Thrones-style narrative that allows players to define the storyline. Those who sign up during the pre-registration period can claim their Hero for free. Don’t take too long to decide though since there’s only a limited supply for this Hero.

Blocklords is being developed by MetaKing Studios with its lore being worked on by an award-winning writing team composed of:

  • Steve Ince (The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, the Broken Sword series)
  • Paul Irwin (director of the interactive drama series TryLife)
  • Alison Norrington (Dark Detour, founder of storycentral)
  • Bodie Cambert (WITCH: Fated Souls, Afterlife: Wandering Souls)

The game is set in a multiplayer universe where the actions of players not only affect their characters but also that of others and the world around them. This is a strategy game where players have their own unique playable Heroes whose actions and choices directly shape the history and future of the realm.

Later this year, players get the chance to claim the first iconic Legendary Heroes, an extremely limited subset of one-of-a-kind Hero characters with special traits and backstories significant to the founding lore of the game. Like all the Heroes, traits are going to pass through to their descendants, giving players access to the legacy and rewards that these Heroes bring for generations to come.

Players who would rather showcase their skills have the choice to start as farmers and grow their legacy from the ground up. This results in developing their unique traits and resources through time and strategic ability.

In a statement, MetaKing Studios Co-Founder and CEO David Johansson shared that they have been focused on the last three years building a fun game, which also gives players the freedom on how they want to play it. He revealed that Blocklords is a game that’s “all about the players.” He added that it is the players who drive the world and the story. It’s a game, Johansson said, where fun definitely conquers all, and they’re excited to share it with players worldwide.

Learn more about Blocklords here.

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