Dirge: Newly Revamped Revenant Now Available in Update v0.4.1

Update v0.4.1
Update v0.4.1 Twitter/@NonNobisGames

Dirge, a game where you play as a paranormal investigator or a terrifying creature, has received a new update from developer NonNobis Games. Update v0.4.1 features the rework of the Revenant. This patch also includes performance improvements.

The Revenant is a scary creature in Dirge with a slender physique and is slightly taller than a human. It used to terrorize investigators with its physical prowess. However, with the introduction of the Wendigo, the Revenant no longer had a definitive role until now.

In Update v0.4.1, the Revenant has been turned into the game’s first hybrid ethereal creature capable of accessing both the Physical Realm and the Shadow Realm with a quick press of a button. The Revenant can go to the Shadow Realm to escape investigators, but this costs energy to do so. Moreover, its energy drains slowly while in the Shadow Realm, which means it cannot stay there for long periods.

Because the Revenant is now considered a hybrid ethereal creature, it is now affected by electrical beams of energy coming from flashlights or car headlights.

This patch brought additional performance optimizations as well. The game’s sounds and icons are now only loaded when necessary to help reduce memory consumption when starting a match. Some under-the-hood changes in the Steam Networking library have also been made to address the issue of abrupt client drops.

Patch Notes

  • The Revenant can now use energy to transition into the shadow realm to escape danger or hunt.
  • Attacks now use stamina instead of energy
  • The Revenant can now be sapped which stops energy regeneration and slows movement.
  • Maximum energy for Revenant is halved.
  • Added new lantern and flashlight interaction sounds.
  • There is now a pouring animation to go with using a bucket.
  • Added more options to the video settings menu.
  • The car can now have its doors and windows opened and closed.
  • Changed coloring of input elements in the UI menus.
  • The flashlight is now a droppable item.
  • Completely reworked the controls menu.
  • Hid lobby options that can't be modified.
  • Removed hard references in tasking code to reduce memory load of tasks, tasks that are not part of a match now don't have to be loaded.
  • Flashlight code segregated from investigator code to reduce per frame bone calculations.
  • Optimized smaller meshes to reduce their disk footprint
  • Car headlights and tail lights have their materials and lights improved.
  • Sound mixing of items and footsteps have been calibrated by a professional sound designer.
  • Notes menu opacity for "done" notes increased to be easier to read.
  • Monsters and Spooktators now have a responsive crosshair like investigators.
  • Improved Wraith physical realm animations to be less janky.
  • Added advanced Camera to allow blending of multiple effects with different weights.
  • Added slight wind to spider webs.
  • Added slight fade to black after hosting a game before lobby loads

Dirge Update v0.4.1 is available on PC.

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