Dirge: Players Must Cleanse the Blight Scourge in Patch v0.2.4

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It looks like players have a new task at hand in Dirge. Patch v0.2.4 brings some interesting additions and changes - one of which is a new task where players are assigned to cleanse the Blight Scourge.

The blight was spread by the horrifying Twig Blights to the forest surrounding the mansion. Players must do everything they can to stop it from spreading even further.

Aside from that, Patch v0.2.4 for Dirge improved the game’s realism. Guns can no longer be used while swimming, and players will now ragdoll upon death, which may prevent them from falling into walls.


  • Added new task "Cleanse the Blight Scourge"
  • Twig Blights now have a proper ping indicator icon
  • Investigators now ragdoll on death, should prevent falling into walls
  • Shooting a trap will cause it to fire
  • Added wind effect and large cloth objects now sway in that wind
  • Vital changes don't begin until the match starts
  • Battery counts for battery-based achievements have been halved
  • Torch dispenser no longer includes spent torches in its count for spawning a new one
  • Swimming now extinguishes your torch
  • Reduced glossiness of character skin and clothes
  • Armory inner doors no longer lock
  • Vitals and Equipment HUD disappear if not in use after a few seconds
  • Ragdoll physics effects on all characters improved
  • Collisions of animal corpses work better with investigator feet
  • Randomized meshes should be consistent across servers and clients
  • Collisions, damage, and lighting of flares are massively improved
  • Added additional visual effects and improvements to the lobby
  • Fixed bug where spectators or spooktaters would not be shown correctly on the AliveDeadHUD
  • Vitals overages now display correctly for all pawns
  • Fixed bug where the spirits help message could be shown if they were shot through a wall
  • Fixed bug where the shotgun label was incorrect in inventory
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck opening a crypt door
  • Fixed bug where you could loot a gun when you wouldn't have been able to acquire it normally
  • Deselecting a task-specific monster causes the task selection to be re-randomized

So, what do you think about the new content and changes added to Dirge?

Dirge Patch v0.2.4 is available on PC.

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