Dirge Update 0.4: New Character and Bug Fixes

Dirge Update 0.4
Dirge Update 0.4 Steam

Dirge received a major update that introduced a new character, along with several performance optimizations and bug fixes.

New Investigator: Kiyoshi

Update 0.4 introduces Kiyoshi, a new investigator, as a playable character. Because his speed isn’t the best, he prefers to fight instead of running away. Due to his time in the military, he has his own service pistol and can reload quickly.

Performance Optimizations

Developers have reworked a huge part of the internal code base to optimize the loading of assets. Now, optimized textures used for UI have a higher quality and assets would only load when needed.

Dirge Update 0.4

  • Added lower resolution map texture for while the full resolution map image loads.
  • Task locking is now explained for Wendigo & Revenant in the lobby.
  • Added more clarity around monster killing tasks for Wendigo & Revenant.
  • Radiator steam now can damage.
  • Wendigo stepping on fire now has more visual effects for the Wendigo to know they shouldn't step on fire. As Wendigo, fire is bad. Please do not prance in fire.
  • Normalized volumes of footsteps sounds to be more consistent.
  • Locked objects where you have the ability to unlock now glow yellow to be distinct from glowing red for locked when you cannot open them.
  • Swapped arm/disarm trap icon to be more intuitive.
  • Updated blood decals on minions to match the specific minion.
  • Notes screen now has text at start of match to explain to new players its purpose.
  • Revenant blood changed to green as players assumed he was bleeding water instead of acid.
  • Improved appearance of main menu
  • Added better screen tabs on the side of the HUD.
  • Fixed positions of some assets in lobby.
  • Fixed bug where an invalid match difficultly was being set at the beginning.
  • Fixed bugs where suitcase items wouldn't spawn.
  • Fixed bug where Wraith would trigger lantern blowout sound.
  • Fixed bug where sapping help text would show after you've already sapped.
  • Fixed bug where looting Wendigo minion would still show the E prompt even though his skull was already looted.
  • Fixed bug where you could extinguish & lights fires without the proper items.
  • Fixed bug where dispensers wouldn't work.

You can read more about Update 0.4 here.

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