Diablo Immortal: Play as Blood Knight in New Limited-Time Event

Enter the Crimson Plane Blizzard

Do you want to play the new Blood Knight class in Diablo Immortal? Before you use the class change feature, there is a new limited-time event that lets you try the new class in a 15-floor gauntlet. Enter the Crimson Plane!

New Event

The Crimson Plane is a new limited-time event in Diablo Immortal where you play as the Blood Knight. This place has 15 floors filled with only the fiercest minions that the burning Hells have to offer.

When you enter the Crimson Plane, you'll be provided with a set of pre-selected skills for the Blood Knight, so you can truly test what this class is capable of. What's more, legendary items dropping in this place will complement the skills that you begin with. Keep in mind that these items are in an unstable state, meaning they will vanish as soon as you leave the Crimson Plane.

During your run, you'll be awarded some Chaos Coins - a new currency that can be spent at the Chaos Broker for new items or Shards of Fortune. The latter increases your Fortune Rating, giving you a better chance of receiving higher-quality legendary items from chests on each floor.

Now, if you reach the 15th floor without dying more than five times, you'll receive a handsome reward. You get to choose six of the legendary items you've collected during your run, and out of those, you'll be given one at random which you can keep with you when you exit the Crimson Plane.

Crimson Plane is available until August 2 at 3 a.m. server time.

Feature Updates

Class Change

  • We have made additional permanent tweaks to the Class Change feature:
    • The Primary Attribute (Strength or Intelligence) of equipped Normal, Magic, Rare, and Set items will now convert towards the Primary Attribute of your new Class. This also applies to items in your Inventory and Stash.
    • For each Legendary item equipped, you will receive Legendary items with the exact same Attributes. The Primary Attributes of the items will be adjusted for the Class you're changing to. All previously equipped Legendary items from your prior Class will be moved to your Inventory. As a result, you'll receive Legendary items the first time you change to a brand-new Class.
    • Any Demonic Remains will be converted to the class you've changed to and retain their stats.
    • Beginning the second time you change to a Class, a set of Transfer Legendary items will be granted to you. These items cannot be Salvaged for materials or extracted for their Legendary Essence.
    • Any empty Slots upon transferring will be filled with Transfer Legendary items.
    • Paragon Point allocations will no longer reset after each time you change classes.
July 13 Update Blizzard

Legendary Items Transmogrification

  • After reaching Essence Mastery Level 1, players will unlock the new Transmogrification feature, allowing them to change the appearance of their gear with that of specific Legendary items.
  • Now, when a player extracts Essence from marked Legendary items at the Essence Transfer vendor, the appearance of that item will be added to the Transmogrification Collection—this is a location where players can view each transmog they've unlocked.
  • Transmogs can be applied to any items in their corresponding slot. The equipment slot will display the chosen transmog's appearance until it is removed via the Transmogrification Collection.
  • This content update enables 126 existing Legendary items to be transmogable.

So, will you enter the Crimson Plane in Diablo Immortal?

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