Diablo Immortal: 36 New Legendary Items Added in Content Update 1.6.2

Content Update 1.6.2
Content Update 1.6.2 Twitter/@DiabloImmortal

Diablo Immortal Season Six has begun, and with it is a patch that adds a whopping 36 new Legendary items to the game.

The folks at Blizzard said that these new items introduced in Content Update 1.6.2 were designed to complement the Gloomguide’s Prize set. For the uninitiated, the Gloomguide’s Prize is an armor set in Diablo Immortal that amplifies the player’s damage after using a movement skill.

That said, with so many new Legendary items added, which is the best of the bunch for each class? For the Barbarian, the Pathraze is a great weapon, especially for those who use Whirlwind as part of their build. With this equipped, Whirlwind is changed so that it now has charges and using it causes players to spin and charge forward, dealing damage to all enemies along the way.

Crusader fans may want to get their hands on Cleansweep, another new main-hand weapon. This weapon empowers the Crusader’s Sweep Attack, causing enemies to bleed when hit by the said ability.

As mentioned earlier, the Gloomguide’s Prize is a set that incentivizes players who use a movement skill often. The new Live Bait Legendary shoulder armor for Demon Hunters capitalizes on that by changing the Escape ability to now cause players to tumble forward. This can be activated again for a short time so they can return to their original position.

Here are the other noteworthy Legendary items in Diablo Immortal’s latest patch:

  • Flattener (Legs): Leap maximum charges increased by X.
  • Lumber-Cords (Chest): Furious Charge now decreases all damage you take by 5% for X seconds for each enemy it hits, stacking up to Y times.
  • Trompdown (Legs): Shield Charge now rushes to a targeted enemy Stunning them and knocking back nearby enemies.
  • Vainglory's Star (Chest): Enemies struck by Judgment are now found wanting, increasing all damage taken by X% for Y seconds.
Demon Hunter
  • Causticity (Chest): Rain of Vengeance now also corrodes enemy armor, increasing damage taken by 2% for Y seconds, stacking up to five times.
  • One's Own Fusillade (Off-Hand): Sentry attacks mark enemies, increasing the damage you deal to the target by X% for Y seconds.
  • Leering Riptide (Off-Hand): Wave Strike now sends a shockwave into the ground that knocks nearby enemies up into the air, damaging and Stunning them.
  • Unsightly Method (Head): Inner Sanctuary now inflicts a stacking Slow on enemies in the area until they are Petrified.
  • Pitiless Pace (Legs): Wraith Form now teleports you to a target location.
  • Twin Vestige (Off-Hand): Skeletal Mages now have a chance to be empowered, immediately casting a Bone Spell when summoned.
  • Impact Event (Legs): Meteor now continuously calls down smaller meteors that damage enemies in the area.
  • The Loom (Head): Slow Time now generates a darkened realm, disabling the use of skills and basic attacks and greatly reducing the vision of any enemies inside the realm.

So, what do you think about the new items added to Diablo Immortal?

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