Destruction AllStars Update 3.001 Gameplay Changes

Destruction AllStars
Destruction AllStars Playstation

Destruction AllStars is a PlayStation 5-exclusive game where players use vehicles to fight against each other. Update 3.001 is a 12-GB update that brings several balancing changes and tweaks to the game.

Postgame Rollover

In most games, players spend too much time on the end-game screen until the next match. To counter this issue, the developers made matchmaking available on the end-game screen. This will save a lot of time as players won’t have to quit that screen to search for a new match.

Those worried about missing the end-game rewards and statistics can see the details after they leave the queue and return to the main menu.

Gameplay Balancing

In this update, fire and smoke can reveal the status of vehicles. The intensity of the fire and smoke will peak when the vehicle’s health is low. The dynamics in fire and smoke effects can show you which vehicles are severely damaged.

​Destruction AllStars Update 3.001 - Highlights

  • The rewards for ranking up are clearer on the progress page.
  • There will be base-level stats on the progress page.
  • The badges page is being slightly adjusted to show more badges.
  • We have removed the total XP number and replaced it with XP Remaining to the next level.
New Ccontent Notification
  • The shop has updated
  • A new story mode is available
  • An new XP level has been reached
  • New unseen challenge
Hit Messaging Revision
  • Upon hitting and slamming into another player, the UI has been redesigned to give a more impactful feeling and give the player more feedback with the following visual cues.
  • Green-light hit
  • Orange-medium hit
  • Red-heavy hit
  • Impacts will now also show a floating number to show the amount of damage inflicted
  • Vehicle health is now called out by smoke/fire FX on the vehicle as well as in the UI. The more damaged your car is, the more it catches fire!

You can find more details about the update on Reddit.

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