Destiny 2: Players Disgusted by Huge Increase in Shader Prices

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Destiny 2 has a pretty active community. While most of what Bungie does is supported by players, some question several things. One issue, in particular, is the huge markup in Shader prices and players are calling the move “awful and disgusting.”

It was not long ago when players had issues with the newly implemented transmog system. Now, it seems that the dev team is in hot water again.

The Issue

User “AngryMrMaxwell” went to Reddit to voice their frustration over the massive increase in Shader prices.

For the uninitiated, Shaders are different color palettes that you can use to change the color scheme of your armors. They can be purchased in the Eververse store by spending either Silver or Bright dust. The former can be acquired using real money, while the latter from different quests or just by playing the game.

That said, Shaders originally cost only 40 Bright Dust which is a pretty easy amount to get. Unfortunately, Shader prices rose to 300 Bright Dust each - a 650% markup according to the Redditor.

They also said that this is likely the company’s ploy to force people to burn through their huge stores of Bright Dust.

If that is the case, they suggested that the company should think about more creative ways to entice people to spend their stored currency. Their suggestion: have the devs offer players the chance to spend their Bright Dust to buy Bright Engrams or other seasonal items, instead of this absurd Shader price markup.

While some players may not have any issue with this, others do. You see, collecting enough Bright Dust to buy anything meaningful requires a lot of time. Sure, if you’ve already saved up much beforehand, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

But keep in mind that not everyone has limitless hours to play every day, so they may not have that many Bright Dust for their favorite Shaders, for example.

Add to that the fact that certain Shaders are only available at random, as such the element of time is not helping at all.

Bungie hasn’t released any statement regarding this issue, though some people speculate that the real reason why this happened was due to the introduction of VoG Shaders. This issue may force people to spend real money to buy the Shaders that they want.

What do you think of this hullabaloo? Are you angry and disgusted as well or this doesn’t bother you at all?

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