Demon’s Tilt Arrives On The PS4 Tomorrow

Something old school with a new flair.
Something old school with a new flair. PlayStation

Demon’s Tilt is all ready to arrive for the PlayStation 4 tomorrow, July 28. This particular release marks almost three decades since video pinball games were pretty much the rage. PlayStation players finally get the chance to try out Demon's Tilt's retro 2D visuals combined with the unpredictability that is pinball. The game has already been released for the PC, Xbox One, and even the Nintendo Switch.

You’re probably wondering what the different is when it comes to video pinball and pinball simulations? A pinball simulation is what it is. This means it tries to be as realistic as the games that you can play in an arcade.

However, video pinball offers something far different. In the case of Demon’s Tilt, for example, you get creatures wandering in the playfield along with a lot of magic. Then there are the bosses you need to defeat. In a blog, Adam Ferrando, the person behind the game, shared that despite all of this, Demon's Tilt's “pinball roots are still apparent.” In fact, Ferrano went on to say that during testing, the game was described “as more pinball than pin sims, while also being more of a video game.”

Demon’s Tilt has three different modes for everyone to enjoy. There’s Normal, which, of course, is the basic game. For those who want a challenge there’s always Hardcore where players only get a single ball. Finally, there is EX-Mode, which is considered as the most elaborate. According to Ferrando, the ruleset for this mode has been revised in order to allow for faster and more challenging content. There are also three bonus sub-tables for extra content.

As a pinball game, players can expect to use Combos. Making this possible is the Chain Meter, where players can combo hits in order to ensure the scoring momentum. You can extend the life of your Chain Meter by linking ramps. Expect some Base Multipliers as well, which can go as high as 99x.

For those who have experience with this type of game in the past, there are also the fun multi-ball modes. Like pinball games of the past, this one has Bonus Rituals. Just complete Dark Rituals and spell letters to get those huge bonuses and jackpots. If you manage to get all of them you get to unlock the Wizard Mode.

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