Here Are Nine Exciting Indie Games Coming To PlayStation

New indie games coming.
New indie games coming. PlayStation

Last week PlayStation launched what it called its Indies Initiative. The main goal, clearly, is to provide the best support to the indie gaming community. However, the initiative isn’t limited to simply offering a place to play great indie games, but to also offer a platform to develop these games. You can learn more about it here.

While this is indeed good news, especially for fans of indie games, PlayStation also revealed that they already have nine titles all set to make their debut not only for the PlayStation 4, but even for the upcoming next-generation PlayStation 5. Today we take a quick look at these upcoming games.


Carto is a game for those looking for something innovative that also offers charm. This game brings with it a beautiful world and marks developer Sunhead Games’ push to the console platform. In Carto players rearrange pieces of a map and see the world change around them. Read more about it here.


Creaks is a platform game which has players solving puzzles. In Creaks, players take control of a character that travels through a subterranean world that happens to be the home of different monsters. Players need to avoid the monsters while solving puzzles in order to move forward. Read more about how this game came to be here.


F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a diesel-punk-style action adventure game that stars an anthropomorphic bunny with a huge weaponized metal fist. This exploration platformer offers an original work where animals fight back against a machine invasion. The key gameplay mechanic is exploration. However, unlike other open world titles, it doesn’t just have the typical multiple interconnected “rooms”. Instead each area comes with a distinct feel while still being part of a larger whole. If you’re excited as we are, learn more about the game here.


For those looking for a game that also helps them relax, Haven is the answer. Imagine going out and having a nice walk, that’s what the developers more than guarantee. The game is straightforward as players follow the love story of a couple that’s trying to stay together.

So just how relaxing is this game? For one, there’s going to be no quest log. Instead, there’s going to be a sort of in-game book, though it doesn’t list tasks to complete. The game economy is simple enough that there’s going to be no need for micro management. Pretty much almost everything has been made simple. Read just how simple and relaxing the game is here.

Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies is all about tactility, physicality, and motion. Players take on the role of a brave cosmonaut whose sole duty is to make sure that Earth’s latest and proudest achievement of space engineering is maintained. This may sound simple in theory, but when you actually get to try the game, the developers guarantee that it won’t be as easy. One reason is gravity, which plays a big role in the game. Learn more about what Heavenly Bodies has to offer here.


If you’re the type to like puzzles, then take a look at this one. Maquette is a game that’s not purely about puzzles, but pretty much a story that comes with puzzles. The game is set in a world that’s nested inside of itself recursively. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Think of it this way, think of a house where every player action happens inside it. Now imagine that inside this house, placed on a coffee table in the living room, is a model of the same house. When you look inside the house, you can see what’s going on in the real house but on a smaller scale. These are not only two different houses, but instances of the same world living simultaneously. If that’s hard to wrap your head around, take a breather and read more about it here.


In Recompile, players take on the role of a sentient virus and must try to infiltrate the digital world while avoiding deletion. The ultimate goal is to reach sapience and be able to jumpstart the first technological singularity.

The game offers a dynamic narrative and combines it with a traditional exploration-based platforming mechanics. It has third-person combat, platforming, and even environmental hacking puzzles. Learn more about the game here.

Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is focuses on a character named White who gets lost in a cave and can’t seem to find a way out. However, as the game progresses, the line between reality and the imagined start to get blurry as players learn more about the character’s past and future. Read more about this game here.

Worms Rumble

The first Worms game was released in 1995 and has since then spawned a lot of sequels across different gaming platforms. What’s going to make Worms Rumble exciting for long-time fans is that it’s going to do away with turn-based action and instead feature real-time mayhem. Think Battle Royale, but with Worms. It’s also going to be an online experience with a maximum of 32 players taking part in the battle. The game is set to offer three modes: Deathmatch, Last Worm Standing, and Last Squad Standing. Finally, it’s going to offer cross-play, which is sure to fire up its many fans. Find out more here.

So which one are you most excited about?

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