Demolish & Build Launches On The Switch Tomorrow

Destroy and build.
Destroy and build. Nintendo

Demolish & Build is all set to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, January 15. This upcoming construction simulator lets players operate a construction and demolition company. They can use various equipment from a simple hammer all the way to large machines.

This is not the first release for Demolish & Build as the game has been released on the PC since back in March 2018. The port and release to the Switch was made possible by Ultimate Games.

In a statement, Ultimate Games CEO Mateusz Zawadzki said that Demolish & Build is enjoyable for more than those who love construction. Zawadzki went on to say that the game "is the first simulator of this type on Nintendo Switch that allows the player to carry out their constructive or destructive inclinations" and added that the "gameplay is very diverse and includes, for example, interesting economic elements.”

For the Switch version, players are offered the chance to go to four different locations around the world with varying environments from deserts to snow. As someone who runs a construction company, players can buy land, upgrade their machines, and hire and manage workers. Of course, you also get to use different equipment that includes, among others:

  • Backhoe Loader
    • Considered as the jack of all trades of the equipment world.
  • Skid Loader
    • It's a small machine with big opportunities.
      • This one can dig, demolish, and even carry loads.
  • Tower Crane
    • Able to deliver materials to typically unreachable spots.
  • Crawler Crane
    • With its wrecking ball, no structure is safe.
  • Pickup Truck
    • The perfect way to drive between contracts.
  • Cargo Truck
    • It can carry wood, bricks, and concrete segments to your different construction sites.
  • Concrete Mixer Truck
    • When you need some concrete for your site.
  • Bulldozer
    • Great at demolishing small structures and flattening terrain.
  • Track Excavator
    • For serious demolition or digging.

Players can earn cash by finishing contracts or can get resources by using their machines.

Demolish & Build is available for the Switch on January 15 for $14.99.

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