Deep Rock Galactic May 5 Update Nerfs Rival Nemesis and Fixes Dozens of Bug Fixes

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Deep Rock Galactic, a co-op PvE game by Ghost Ship Games, just received some love from the developer. Season 2 Patch 2 released today brings minor balancing changes and tons of bug fixes.

Rival Nemesis has been nerfed, and now it takes longer to see you before it starts grabbing you. Nemesis also sheds heat slowly, which means that direct heat weapon viability has been improved. Its grabbing range has also been made more consistent.

The highlights of the update are mentioned below:

  • Increased the time it takes for a Rival Nemesis tentacle to see you until it starts grabbing
  • Decreased the size of the area you have to get outside to escape the grab of the Nemesis slightly
  • Reduced how quickly the Nemesis sheds heat to improve direct heat weapon viability
  • Tweaked the range at which the Nemesis will try to grab you to be more consistent
  • Fixed a bug where Bodkin OC for the Nishanka Boltshark X-80 will infinitely ricochet in O.M.E.N. Module weak points
  • Fixed a bug where Rival Bot sniper shot laser becomes stuck while it's in a hackable state from a client's perspective
  • Fixed pickaxe power attack damage upgrade description
  • Fixed Bulldog’s revolver clip having stock material when reloading
  • Fixed a bug in the Equipment Terminal where the reduction of Sentry Turret construction time is shown as red (penalty) and not green (buff).
  • Fixed a bug where Taser Bolt wouldn’t deal consistent damage when stuck inside of a moving enemy
  • Fixed a bug where the Mactera Goo Bomber's corpse doesn't disappear and remains "active" after killing it
  • Fixed a bug where the Mactera Goo Bomber wouldn’t play its death animation
  • Adjusted the Dreadnought Twin weak points to pop a bit more compared to their armor
  • Fixed a bug where the final node of a Rival Signal event wouldn’t activate, making it impossible to complete
  • Fixed a bug where late-joining clients would not see the Ommoran Heartstone health bar
  • Added sound to the Pickaxe Throw Victory Move
  • Changed the DLC banner in the Seasons Terminal to the new Robot Rebellion DLC
  • Updated the Hellfire OC description for the Armskore Coilgun
  • Updated the Rival Incursion Assignment to no longer select missions with double Warning Mutators
  • Contagion Transmitter’s Neurotoxin for the Colette Wave Cooker now also affects the original target and not just enemies within the AoE range.
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Toggle of debug language now also works on the info screen

The patch notes are available on Steam as well.

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