Deep Rock Galactic: Season 1, Patch 5 Fixes Game Crashes and Weapon Issues

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The final patch for Season 1 of Deep Rock Galactic has arrived. Patch 5 brought fixes for game crashes and weapon issues, among other things.

The Dreadnought Hiveguard is a boss creature that can be found on Hoxxes. That said, there was an issue where the Hiveguard won’t attack you after respawning, which stops you from completing the mission. You do not have to worry about this now because this has been resolved.

The game allows you to join a mission that is currently in progress. Although this is great, there are certain instances where the client would crash when you join late. Fortunately, this is already addressed.

As for weapon fixes, the bug that prevented Armor Breaking from working as intended on some weapons has been corrected. Furthermore, the tracers for all weapons have been readjusted. This fixed the issue where firearms would start behind the barrel.

Patch 5 Highlights

  • Attempted fix for cascade particles LOD crash
  • Potential fix for voice chat related crash during seamless travel
  • Attempted PhysX crash fix
  • Fix to Hollow Bough sometimes crashing during level generation
  • Fixed crash occurring in Deep Dive end screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused holding a Transmitter Node while a Power Station is getting connected has a chance to change weapon view and prevent tool use
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Transmitter Nodes to be out of sync when clients threw them at walls
  • Fixed clients being unable to pet Hack-C
  • Fixed a bug causing platform carving to let players see through the map
  • Fixed a bug that caused Scout's Grappling Hook range indicator has trouble gauging grappling range
  • Fixed the grappling hooks cooldown sound was not set up correctly, making it not respect audio settings
  • Fixed a bug that caused Grappling Hook auto-switch setting to be non-functional
  • Fixed a bug that caused Armor Breaking to not work against light armor
  • Fixed the Sludge Blast overclock for the Corrosive Sludge Cannon triggering muzzle and sound particle for each sludge fired, causing unnecessary performance loss.
  • Fixed Corrosive Sludge Puddles heating up enemies without actually being on fire themselves
  • Fixed that Bosco's T5B Fast Regeneration mod's benefit was highlighted as a downside
  • Added DLC menu tab, which will let players preview DLC videos and go to store pages

Deep Rock Galactic Season 01, Patch 5 is now available on Xbox One and PC.

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