Deceit Update v2021.2.5 Resets Ranked Season and Adds New Perk Tree

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The developers of the horror game Deceit are not slowing down. They just released another update within a week. Today’s update resets the current Ranked season and also brings a new Perk Tree. The said tree contains several new perks along with reworks for existing ones. These include Revitalized, Surveillance, Second Wind, and Hyperaware, and their descriptions are mentioned below.

The patch makes objective waypoints clearer and reduced load times for players with connectivity issues. That’s not all, as an Easter Event is also starting tomorrow. A new Spider DLC is coming as well which will release on April 15. You can watch the teaser trailer of the DLC below.

Patch Notes

  • The Ranked season has been reset, bringing a new Perk Tree to complete! Our next season reset is scheduled for the 29th of April. This perk tree brings several new and reworked perks:
    • Revitalized (Infected) - Gain half a blood bag worth of blood when revived by an Innocent player.
    • Surveillance (Innocent) - Reviving a player will reveal their position to you for 15 seconds.
    • Second Wind (Innocent) - Gain 25% of your stamina back after downing a Terror.
    • Hyperaware (Innocent) - Any Infected transforming near you at night will have their position revealed to you for the duration of the transformation.
  • [FIXED] The Infected lose an execution if the Lethal Injection is used.
  • [FIXED] The player information shown when loading into the Tutorial is not the same as your Deceit profile.
  • [FIXED] It's possible for the Infected to receive blood for their partner leaving and to have a new partner assigned.
  • [FIXED] Objective waypoints for open crates are incorrectly removed if you move too far away from the objective.
  • [FIXED] Objective crates have UI prompts for holding 'E' instead of pressing 'E'.
  • [FIXED] Players are able to use their tracker on Terrors mid-transformation.

The complete patch is available on Steam.

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