Deceit March 27 Update Improves Tutorial, Allow Shoot-To-Vote, and Streamline Objectives

Deceit Steam

Deceit, the multiplayer horror game by Baseline, received a substantial update last Saturday. This patch improves the tutorial feature to make it easy for new players to understand the game. First, an in-game interactive tutorial has replaced the slideshow. Second, a new challenge called Play the Tutorial is added to the game that will reward players with three tokens when they finish it for the first time. And third, a new pop-up screen will now tell new players to play the tutorial.

Players can now start shoot-to-vote for both casual and ranked. Also, Terror abilities are now unlocked at the start of the game. Interacting with the reward crate will now activate objectives and objective rewards will now despawn after 15 seconds. Several other changes have also been made in the March 27 Update. You can read about them below:


  • Reward crates are now automatically opened when an objective is completed.
  • There is a 7.5 second period when a reward crate is opened where only the person who completed that objective can take the item.
  • A lot of the objectives have been moved to improve clarity and reduce frustration.


  • Various lighting changes have been made throughout all of the maps.
  • The game intro experience has been replaced with the classic introduction screen, with the addition of partner and terror select.
  • The detective perk is now enabled for everyone. Please note, if you have this perk currently selected it is recommended that you switch to interrogate for the rest of this season.
  • Shoot-to-vote is now the default option in casual games, as well as ranked.
  • A new small waypoint state has been added for when navigating around the map. The larger waypoint can still be seen when viewing the minimap, or whilst completing an objective.
  • The minimap has been lowered to the bottom of the screen and skewed.
  • The classic circular terror bar has been re-added.
  • Various UI elements have been moved.
  • The play button has been reworked to introduce a new game-type selection screen.
  • It is now possible to start private games with five players.
  • [FIXED] When illuminated by light items the Terrors turn black instead of glowing.
  • [FIXED] The Experiment’s clone spawns at a different glow amount to the Terror that spawned it.
  • [FIXED] The minimap doesn’t follow the player you’re currently spectating.
  • [FIXED] The minimap doesn’t update if you’re viewing it while you respawned.
  • [FIXED] Players can, in rare circumstances, queue up for a game despite being on the wrong game version.

The patch notes have been posted on Steam.

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