Deathloop: Game Update 3 Introduces Photo Mode and New Accessibility Features

Game Update 3
Game Update 3 Arkane Studios

The unique first-person shooter Deathloop has a massive new update that comes with new accessibility features. Game Update 3 also adds the highly requested Photo Mode that allows players to snap stunning pictures of Colt and Julianna.

Photo Mode

Deathloop's brand new Photo Mode is a feature that allows players to express themselves using a variety of filters, stickers, and poses. This feature is available in single-player only and is accessible through the pause menu on any map. That said, there are diverse options to choose from. For example, players can either snap photos in the default first-person view or in the third-person view.

In addition, players can choose among 17 different filters and they can set different parameters, such as filter intensity, exposure, saturation, and contrast, among many other things.

“The only creative limitations are defined by our players’ imaginations,” said Deathloop Producer Jeremy Leulier.

New Accessibility Features

Game Update 3 also brings a plethora of new accessibility features. It is now possible to navigate the in-game menus using the keyboard and directional buttons.

In addition, new gameplay accessibility options are available for tweaking several things. For instance, players can set how many Reprises they want to have in single-player mode. They can set it between zero to four, or they can have an infinite number of reprises if desired.

Patch Highlights

Accessibility Menu
  • A new dedicated Accessibility category can be found in the options menu, including both existing options and new options available with this patch. The accessibility menu includes four categories: Visuals, Gameplay, Interface, and Menus
Gameplay Accessibility Options
  • Aim assist lock
    • Full aim assist lock on NPC, Camera, and turrets are now available when enabling this setting (single-player only)
    • When this setting is enabled, using the controls to aim a weapon (for most weapons) will cause the crosshairs to snap to the target and lock on. This can improve targeting enemies during gameplay and is disabled by default
  • Combat difficulty
    • Three preset combat difficulty options are now available: Lenient, Default, and Harsh (single-player only)
    • On higher difficulty settings, enemies attack more often and are more accurate
    • Only the Default setting is available for Online or Friends modes
  • Adjust Game Speed mode
    • When the Game Speed is set to either 75% or 50%, this new setting allows players to choose whether the mode is set to Always or Toggle
    • View the binding for this toggle in the Controls menu for both keyboard and controller
PC Only
  • AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0 Support

Deathloop Game Update 3 is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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