Deathloop Update 2 Live on PS5 and PC

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The recent game by Arkane Studios, Deathloop, is getting some serious love. Its first major update went live last month, and now, we have yet another major update. Update 2 went live on both PS5 and PC yesterday. It brought major improvements to NPCs AI and several new features on PS5. Combine all of that with a plethora of bug fixes.

Players now can remap their controllers and invert the left/right stick. FOV and motion blur options for PS5 are added as well. The developer has increased the size of UI buttons and text in the options menu. This should make them more readable.

We have mentioned the patch highlights below:


  • NPCs now react to bullets passing close by, such as headshots that miss
  • NPCs now react when another is assassinated close by
  • NPCs now hear better and react faster to nearby footfalls
  • NPCs under fire no longer move to take cover if the player is too close
  • NPCs can now deduce the direction from which a grenade was thrown
  • NPCs no longer stop trying to kill Colt if Julianna uses Nexus to link him to them
  • Colt dropping the game now counts as a win for a player-controlled Julianna
  • AI-controlled Julianna is now more reactive to Colt’s actions
  • The antenna that Colt must hack to escape now takes slightly longer to hack
  • AFK players are tagged
  • Colt players who linger in Colt’s tunnels for too long are automatically tagged and that causes the tunnel doors to open
  • Higher chance that you will invade players on your Friends list while they are playing in Online mode
  • Strelak Sapper Charges thrown by NPCs that Julianna has attacked will no longer create false Colt tags for Julianna
  • Players now properly hear audio reactions from the opposing player during melee
  • Strelak Sapper Charges will now stick to Julianna as they do to other NPCs
  • The UI is now clearer regarding Residuum loss on death
  • The appearance of weapons and other items is improved within the Loadout UI
  • The UI HUD will now properly display updates made to key bindings and controls
  • The game will now pause fully during the Game Over splash screen
  • When aiming down sights, crosshairs will no longer disappear while the player is close enough to an NPC to perform an assassination

You can read the complete patch notes from the official website.

Speaking of Deathloop, the game has dominated The Game Awards 2021 nominations, with nine awards including Game of the Year.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Deathloop recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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