Death Stranding Leaked Trailer Shows Sam Porter Getting His 'Briefing'

The footage bring some muc more context into the game's narrative.
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Death Stranding's 'Briefing' trailer for Gamescom gets leaked online.
Death Stranding's 'Briefing' trailer for Gamescom gets leaked online. Kojima Productions

Death Stranding’s presence at Gamescom is the gift that keeps on giving, as it turns out that those character trailers were not the only thing shown to audiences back at the major event. The character trailers showcased included two essential characters: Mama, who’s connected to the BTs in a major way as her baby essentially exists on the other side, and Deadman, who explains much about the BB pod and its purpose in protagonist Sam Porter’s journey. Along with those character trailers, we also got to take a look at some gameplay footage featuring Geoff Keighley, who will play as one of the game’s NPCs, as well as what we can expect in terms of interactions with the BB pod.

Behind closed doors at Gamescom, there was another showing happening, and thankfully for us it has made its way online. An off-screen recording showing off a trailer ‘Briefing’ was posted on YouTube, and it provides some characterization to two more characters of Death Stranding – Amelie and Die Hardman. Check the trailer out below.

Interestingly enough, this trailer is most probably set early on in the events of the game as it seems that both Amelie and Hardman are dead-set on recruiting Sam for a mission: reuniting the USA under the leadership of Amelie, where it will be called the United Cities of America. Sam doesn’t seem too interested in the idea, and his past relationship with Amelie is hinted at.

The briefing shows that an attempt was already made at reconnecting the fragmented country back together, but in ended badly as the mission reached the West Coast, named here as Edge Knot City. Amelie was taken hostage by a group called Homo Demens, who are resisting efforts at unification and striving for the city’s continued independence.

The trailer was very intriguing for a lot of reasons, but the one that really stood out was how these themes of isolation and unity are prevalent. Sam also remarks at the absurdity of the situation, in that the Strand keeps him under a collar to do their bidding and comparing them to Homo Demens, which is kind of hypocritical.

Death Stranding will be released for the PS4 on November 8.

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