Death Stranding 'Experience' Let's You Meet Hideo Kojima

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Fans will finally have the chance to meet the game's creator!
Fans will finally have the chance to meet the game's creator! Hideo Kojima Productions

PlayStation UK posted an announcement on Twitter that an event called “The Death Stranding Experience” will come to the capital city of England. The non-ticketed event is not only free to everyone, but will also give the attendees an “insight into the world of Death Stranding.” But perhaps the most interesting aspect is having the chance to finally meet the creator himself, Hideo Kojima, on Saturday, November 2.

It is unclear as to what the experience will be about, especially since details on Death Stranding have remained thin. While there is confirmation about the event, PlayStation UK could only suggest that it will be a “unique experience that draws on the environments of the game.”

It seems to appear that the mysterious Death Stranding event is designed to air the same enigma that embraces the game. After all, despite all the trailers and information floating around, players are still wondering about the moment-to-moment gameplay of the game. And they can only find out what it is when the PS4 exclusive title launches on November 8.

Kojima is expected to be present at the inaugural date for a photo meet and greet. Considering the fact that Death Stranding’s release date is just around the corner, he is expected to move on with other commitments.

For fans and players who are unable to make the initial day, the upcoming Death Stranding Experience is slated to continue on November 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 10th. The opening times for each of these dates are listed in BST below:

  • November 2nd — 10 AM until 7 PM
  • November 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th — 10:30 AM until 6 PM

Apart from the aforementioned perks, attendees will also be introduced to “limited edition merchandise” for Death Stranding on sale. Plus, the event does not come with age restriction, thought attendees aged 16+ are recommended.

PS4 players can finally pick up an official copy of Kojima’s highly anticipated game come Friday, November 8.

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