Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Celebrating the Bonding Festival

Time to bond.
Time to bond. Koei Temco

The beach isn’t just about having fun or taking part in sports. It’s also a good time to bond and that’s what the latest event launched in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is all about. The Bonding Festival – The Ogre Does It Too – started yesterday, February 3, and is expected to run through February 9.

A Time to Bond

In the event, Kanna pays a visit to the boss and just as she says she won’t be going outside, Ayane and Leifang suddenly join in. The two have just finished preparing for Setsubun. With Kanna not wanting to do anything with the Setsubun tradition, both Ayane and Leifang have a plan to cheer her up.

For this event, there’s a lot of rewards that include:

  • Featured Event Score Rewards
    • Event Episodes
    • Gacha Ticket
    • FP Refill Drink
    • V-Stones
    • Hidaka SR
    • Unlock APL Stone (XL)
    • Trendy Ticket
    • Shiny Deco-pen
    • Deco-bromide Unconcealable Charm 1
      • Ayane
      • Leifang
      • Kanna
  • ​Featured Ranking Rewards
  • Black Suits Earrings (Monica)
  • Skill Awakening Gem
  • VIP Coins
  • SSR Gacha Coupon
  • Nostalgic SSR Ticket (April 2020)
  • Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupon (April 2020)

Read more about this new event here.

Setusubun Outfit Gacha

Aside from the new event, there’s also the Setsubun Outfit Gacha. This event makes these swimsuits available:

  • Ogre's Fortune (Ayane)
  • Ogre's Fortune (Kanna)
  • Ogre's Fortune (Leifang)

With Ayane in particular, she gets a Fever Skill Bonus after successfully performing a Feint. This bonus increases the Appeal Points, which means she has a chance to get a higher score during a match. Read more about it here.

Auspicious Blossom Outfit Gacha

In this outfit event, players can get these limited time only Swimsuits:

  • Auspicious Blossom (Honoka)
  • Auspicious Blossom (Nyotengu)
  • Auspicious Blossom (Kokoro)
  • Auspicious Blossom (Hitomi)
  • Auspicious Blossom (Momiji)
  • Auspicious Blossom (Helena)
  • Auspicious Blossom (Misaki)
  • Auspicious Blossom (Nagisa)

These outfits give players the Fever Skill Bonus when successfully performing a Spike.

Learn more about it here.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is a spinoff of the Dead or Alive franchise and available for PC through Steam. The game was released in 2019 and has players take on the role of the Venus Islands owner to support 10 girls in the DOA series, competing in a festival of beauty and strength known as Venus Festival. The game regularly launches time-limited events where players can earn different rewards.

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