Dead Event Update 1.9 Increases Base HP of All Creatures

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A new update for Dead Event is now available. Update 1.9 increased the base HP of all creatures and added other game improvements.

The reason for the higher base HP is to prevent the situation where you can get two-shotted by the enemy. Some notable increases include Snek, Haalk, Fleeir, and the Aeiou Crab.

Snek has also received some pretty good adjustments. Snek’s Guzzle skill is now called Toxic Blood. Although its damage is lowered to 2,500 (from 25,000), its health gain per level and bonus health is increased to compensate.

Another notable change is that Serpenn’s hide skill is now called Ambush. Its duration is decreased to 10 seconds at the max level, and its cooldown is increased to 90 seconds. Damage output is decreased due to the reduction in crit damage to 100%. But in return, there’s now a scaling movement speed per level. The developer also opted to keep Serpenn invisible while attacking as this is the creature’s only strength.


  • Increased mouse wheel scroll speed on menus
  • Added a close button to the colony UI when you don't have one
  • Smashed a bug that would make Noetic skills and attacks miss
  • Smashed a bug that would make the Wulv go through the terrain when using the Pounce skill
  • Smashed a bug that caused the Prowler Nydis Wurm to be invisible
  • Smashed a bug that would make the Prowler go through the terrain when mounting onto the Nydis Wurm.
  • Adjusted the water in one part of the map to stop a glitch with collecting it far away
  • Increased the max stack of ALL items except gear from 100 to 500
  • Adjusted the first-person camera for Serpenn
  • Adjusted the hitboxes of all Noetic skills and attacks
  • Made all active skills more responsive
  • Added two new Colony icons (Shrimp, Eggplant)
  • Changed the camera for larger monsters so you don't go into the fog
  • Adjusted fog overall
  • Added another alien crash site northwest of town
  • Adjusted weather, fog, and seasons
  • Tripled the natural stamina regen for all creatures
  • Snek now can swim under the water
  • Reworked Snek Intimidate skill to give block rate and chance in return lowered the critical
  • Adjusted Snek Sneak skill to give evasion and stamina recovery, lowered the duration to 5 seconds with a 120-second cooldown
  • Buffed Haalk Demonic Scales Passive to give more health per level, added health regen, and tripled the bonus health, added 0.01 per level block rate
  • Buffed Haalk Inferno skill to scale damage better off vitality and increased the range or Field of View (FOV), lowered the cooldown to 20 seconds

You can read the full patch notes here.

Dead Event is available on PC.

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