Dead by Daylight Update 6.5.0: New Features and Bug Fixes

Dead by Daylight Update 6.5.0
Dead by Daylight Update 6.5.0 Steam

The developers of Dead by Daylight released a new update with new content and bug fixes, with the two new features being The Queuing Experience and Wiggling.

The Queuing Experience

The latest update now allows players to browse the Store, Archives, and Daily Rituals while waiting in a match queue. If the player fails to complete the transaction before the lobby is ready, the game will wait for a while to complete it unless the delay is too long, which will kick the player.


The updated wiggle system is now the standard for all players and follows a ping-pong Skill Check system. The developers improved the controller input handling and now killers can efficiently respond while carrying survivors. Also, hitting Great Skill Checks no longer helps survivors to shorten the length of carry time, but instead helps increase the resistance for killers.

Dead by Daylight Update 6.5.0

Bug Fixes
Windows Store
  • Players should no longer be unable to successfully purchase Auric Cells on the Windows Store.
  • The proper SFX will now play when a match is found.
  • The blood SFX will no longer play when a Hooked Survivor enters the Struggle Phase.
  • The Locker exit SFX is no longer unaffected by the Quick & Quiet Perk.
  • The Music no longer continues playing while a Survivor is being Sacrified.
  • Raised the volume of the Legion’s blood wiping SFX.
  • Special Cosmetics such as the Vial Charms will now appear in-game consistently.
  • The Killer player can no longer join a lobby with an unintended character.
  • Players can no longer use an exploit to play with more than 4 Perks.
  • Bots no longer get stuck on thin air.
  • Force-quitting the game no longer causes a crash.
  • The splash screen no longer causes a crash.
  • Survivor Bots no longer attempt to blind The Knight’s guards.
  • Applied a tentative fix to an issue causing lag spikes for players with both a mouse and controller connected.
  • Resolved an issue in the Shrine of Secrets where a Perk would display as “available” even after purchasing it.
  • The menu is no longer accessible while interacting with the EULA or Privacy Policy popup.
  • The Alert Reward popup no longer blocks inputs on the Menu.
  • Players should now gain proper progress on the achievement “Milk ‘n’ Cookies.”

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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