Dead by Daylight Update 5.2.1 Re-enables Raccoon City and Dead Dawg Saloon Maps

Dead by Daylight Cenobite Pinhead
Dead by Daylight Cenobite Pinhead Twitter/@DeadByBHVR

Developer Behaviour Interactive has released Update 5.2.1 for Dead by Daylight. It mostly contains bug fixes, but it does re-enable two maps: the Raccoon City Police Station and Dead Dawg Saloon.

Those who have been playing the popular Cenobite, Pinhead, will be happy to know that the devs have fixed some of his abilities. For instance, his Cluster of Chains will immediately respawn after a targeted survivor cancels the “solve” action before completing the Lament Configuration.

In addition, his teleportation interaction will now move Pinhead on the same level as the survivor he’s teleporting to. After playing the Cenobite for a while, his Bloody Hook and Chain may still appear on the menu. Although some people may mistake it as an intended feature, it is not. This has been fixed in the latest update.

As for bug fixes, the devs fixed several issues about shared DLCs. For example, there was a problem with the Steam version where players couldn't share DLCs via the Steam Family Share. Also, cross-progression between Steam and Stadia may cause players to no longer share DLCs. Fortunately, this has been fixed.

Patch Highlights

  • Pinhead
    • Clusters of Chains targeting the Survivor carrying the Lament Configuration during Chain Hunt will respawn as soon as the interaction is stopped if the Survivor does not complete the Solve interaction
    • Teleport interaction will prioritize a location on the same level as the Survivor solving the puzzle box
  • Maps
    • The Dead Dawg Saloon and Raccoon City Police Station maps have been re-enabled
  • Fixed an issue that caused DLC to disappear on PS4 and PS5 accounts
  • Fixed an issue that caused all survivors to hear the Chain Hunt starting notification sound when it starts only for the survivor holding the Lament Configuration
  • Fixed an issue that may cause chains to hit the Cenobite when creating a gateway too close to himself
  • Fixed an issue that caused the killer to be unable to pick up survivors downed while working on one of the short sides of a generator
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Locked & Found challenge not to track depleted keys
  • Fixed an issue where survivors could be seen loading into public lobbies a second time when equipped with a Legendary Outfit
  • Fixed an issue where a completed generator's lights disappeared at certain camera angles
  • Fixed an issue where survivors could escape the Trial by forcing collision with a rail near the stairs while healing another Survivor in the helicopter area of RPD
  • Fixed an issue where survivor can't interact with one of the Nightmare's clocks in Raccoon City Police Station

Dead by Daylight Update 5.2.1 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

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