Dead by Daylight: PTB Update 5.2.0 Adds New Killer and More

Dead by Daylight
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A new public test build (PTB) is available for Dead by Daylight. It adds a new killer from the Hellraiser series, as well as some improvements and bug fixes.

New Killer

Horror fans probably know the name Pinhead from the Hellraiser series, and what better way to make a survival horror game even more fun? Add one of the most iconic figures in the genre, a Cenobite. So, expect Pinhead, the Hell Priest, in the game.

His main ability is Summons of Pain, allowing him to open a gateway that summons possessed chains. You can control these chains to bind survivors.

Any survivor who is unlucky enough to be caught will be unable to sprint. In addition, their movement speed will decrease significantly if they are hit with the second and third chains.

The Cenobite’s perks include Deadlock, Hex: Plaything, and Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain.

Added Features

Aside from a new killer, developers added a new setting that allows you to enlarge all texts, thus increasing readability.

Further, those who will leave a Trial with a limited item, such as the Nemesis Vaccine, will be notified that they cannot keep it as it has been consumed by the Entity.

Patch Notes

Here are highlights of the PTB Update 5.2.0:

  • Movement speed while charging Tentacle Strike Tier 3 increased to 4.0m/s (was 3.8m/s)
  • Shattered S.T.A.R.S. Badge effect duration increased to 60 seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a specific hook blocking navigation when a Survivor is hooked on it in Hospital map
  • Fixed an issue that caused the durability bar of toolboxes to appear red when sabotaging a hook.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the sound notification for the Tinkerer perk to be too low.
  • Fixed an issue that caused player names with a # symbol to get truncated in the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue that caused save file problem.
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivor to receive an incorrect benevolent emblem.

For the complete patch notes, you can read about them here.

If you want to test the new killer, you can read how to access the PTB on the official website. Keep in mind that the PTB is only accessible on PC.

So, are you going to try Pinhead out?

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