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There's some exciting news for Dead By Daylight fans who would love to play the game with friends on different platforms. The game now officially supports cross-play and cross-friends.

Earlier this year, Dead By Daylight's Stefan Beauchamp-Daniel stated that the community's most asked-for cross-friends feature would be coming to the game this year. The feature has now been added to Dead By Daylight, which means you can invite your pals to play by using the search and add friends features regardless of what console they are using. Once you have added your friends to your friendlist, they can join you in horror adventures, despite being on different platforms.

Additionally, Developer Behavior Interactive also said that cross-play would be coming to the game, enabling matchmaking between different platforms. Earlier today, the developer announced in a press release that both features are now available, enabling the Dead By Daylight community to play together, no matter what platform they use.

Beauchamp-Daniel stated that enabling cross-play not only helps to bring the community together, but also allows for better matchmaking in terms of ranking. He went on to say that cross-play will also allow the studio to play around with the meta by diversifying it between different platforms. The studio said that it had to work with individual platform owners to accomplish cross-play and will continue to improve the game with future updates.

Behavior Interactive also announced that Dead By Daylight has reached over 25 million players across all platforms. The game also recorded over one million players enjoying the game everyday. With cross-play, the everyday play count will certainly see a rise.

Dead By Daylight released back in 2016 and the game has been supported consistently by the developers. The game has continued to receive new content and crossovers with other popular horror games like Silent Hill.

Dead By Daylight is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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