Dead by Daylight 6.1.0 Brings Gameplay Changes and an Addition to the Archives

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Dead by Daylight received a massive patch just now. Update 6.1.0, also known as Mid-Chapter Update, went live just a few hours ago. The patch brings new content, gameplay changes, and a plethora of balancing tweaks to both Killer and Survivor Perks. Players can also expect many changes to Progression and Shrine of Secrets. A ton of bugs are squashed as well.

The patch brings an addition to The Archives, "Tome 12: DISCORDANCE," which will begin on July 20 at 11 a.m. EST. McMillan Estate map received five new maze tiles for the pool. From now on, Conspicuous Actions will cancel the Endurance status effect. One survivor will now take 90 seconds to repair the generators instead of 80.

The patch nerfs Bloodlust triggers for several Tiers. Tier 2 trigger time is now 25 seconds, instead of 30, and Tier 3 time is 35 seconds, instead of 45.

You can read a portion of the patch notes below.

  • Killers kicking a generator now immediately cause a 2.5% loss of progress in addition to starting regression
  • The following Killer actions have been sped up by 10%:
    • Time to kick a pallet or wall has been reduced to 2.34 seconds (was 2.6 seconds)
    • Time to kick a generator has been reduced to 1.8 seconds (was 2 seconds)
    • Cooldown time after a successful hit has been reduced to 2.7 seconds (was 3 seconds)
  • Duration of the Survivor speed boost when hit has been reduced to 1.8 seconds (was 2 seconds)
  • Survivors now have a modified version of Borrowed Time as a baseline ability, no perk required
    • Unhooked Survivors now get a 7% movement speed bonus and Endurance for 5 seconds
    • The speed bonus and Endurance effect are removed if the Survivor performs a Conspicuous Action
  • New Term - Conspicuous Actions
    • Includes: Repairing a Generator, healing yourself or others, cleansing or blessing a Totem, sabotaging a hook, unhooking a survivor, and opening an exit gate
    • Added a new section and description to the Game Manual
  • Endurance does not prevent a Survivor from entering the dying state if they are inflicted with Deep Wound

The complete patch notes are available on Steam. You can also check out our previous article to know more about gameplay and perk changes.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Dead by Daylight recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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