Dead Cells: Update 2.7.1 Reworks Bladed Tonfas; Balancing and Quality of Life Changes

Dead Cells: Queen and the Sea
Dead Cells: Queen and the Sea Steam

The developers have launched a new hotfix for Dead Cells and it reworks the Bladed Tonfas and other weapons from the latest DLC. Aside from that, it brings balancing changes and quality of life improvements.

The Bladed Tonfas are one of the main weapons introduced in the Queen and the Sea DLC. Originally, its damage scales with your current movement speed. However, the devs have reworked it so it no longer scales on speed.

Despite the adjustment, it is still quite a deadly weapon. That is because if the first attack hits, the subsequent strikes will always be critical.

Keep in mind that although this change has already been implemented in the latest hotfix, the developers said that the weapon’s description is not yet updated. This will be corrected in the next patch.

Aside from the Bladed Tonfas, some weapons in the DLC have also been improved. Maw of the Deep, for example, not only crits on rooted enemies but gets a damage boost as well.

Hotfix Highlights

  • Decreased the Servants' HP
  • Increased the Queen's HP
  • Armored Shrimps no longer take damage from spikes
  • Hitting an enemy with the Queen's Rapier in the Backpack triggers a Reality Slice
  • Increased Shark's damage
  • Gilded Yumi deals damage when releasing the enemy
  • Increased Wrecking Ball's speed on the first two attacks
  • The Rapier's now crits on all hit enemies instead of just the first one
  • Added screen shake to Machete and Pistol, Queen's Rapier, and Hard Light Sword
  • Disabling screen-shake disables screen-bump as well
  • Fixed Crows not moving in Fractured Shrines
  • Fixed the Giant's Hands getting stuck when pushed out of the arena during an attack
  • Armored Shrimps no longer attack when rooted
  • Fixed Mutineers ascending after dodging their attack.
  • Kleio no longer acts during cinematics
  • Fixed Kleio phasing through the floor when killed while on the wall
  • Fixed a crash if Euterpe is killed in less than two seconds during the chase sequence
  • The Queen no longer drops Boss Cells with an Aspect equipped
  • Fixed The Queen's Firewall attack not updating if it's off-screen
  • Fixed a crash during The Queen's Grenade Slice attack
  • Fixed a crash when killing The Queen during a phase transition
  • Fixed a crash when dying to The Queen while she's teleporting

Dead Cells: Queen and the Sea Update 2.7.1 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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