Dead Cells The Queen and the Sea Update: New Features and Bug Fixes

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Dead Cells received the latest DLC, The Queen and the Sea, which adds two new coastal biomes.

The first biome is the Infested Shipwreck, which takes players through a ship filled with dead sailors. The second biome is called The Lighthouse. In this biome, players will go through a trial that has a time limit to complete. They must fight their way through enemies and move fast or be engulfed by flames. Besides the new biomes, players can encounter two new bosses, get six new melee weapons, use two new ranged weapons, and experience two new skills.

The developers have found an issue where the pathfinding system was causing the game to load much longer. With this system now gone, the load times have been reduced, which should allow players to spend less time waiting and more time playing.

Dead Cells Update v27.0 - Highlights

Important Features
  • Two new bosses! Fight against the alternative to Hand of the King, guarding the Lighthouse and trying to prevent you from reaching the top of it, where someone seems to be watching your every move.
  • This DLC also brings you 10 new items to unlock and add to your arsenal!
Melee Weapons
  • Abyssal Trident, which lets you charge towards your enemies and impale them, to inflict critical damage.
  • Hand Hook. Grab your foes and throw them behind you, for easy kills off the side of platforms, as well as that little bit of crowd control.
  • Maw of the Deep. A literal shark.
Ranged Weapons
  • Throwing Cards. Shoot cards in various patterns and stick them in your enemies, before recalling them all to deal major damage!
  • Gilded Yumi, the heaviest bow of them all, with the heaviest arrows, and the heaviest hits.
  • Leghugger. A new pet, a baby evil shrimp, although this one seems to be quite more friendly. Let it free and it'll quickly bite the life out of your opponents.
  • Scavenged Bombard. The Beheaded took inspiration from those pesky pirates and made his own automatic turret-cannon.
Balancing Changes
  • Nerfed the attack power of Legendary Pets.
  • Pets now ignore lava and cannot die to it.
  • Some weapons now destroy breakable grounds if the Ram rune has been obtained.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a softlock when interacting with an object while in the Pollo Power transformation.
  • Fixed Armadillopack not parrying some of Spoiler Boss' attacks.
  • Fixed the Blowgun's animation not stopping when shot from the backpack.
  • Fixed the Beheaded's head disappearing during some cinematics.

You can read more about the update here.

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