Dead Age 2 Postpones Early Access Release To July 16

It looks like there's going to be a bit of a wait.
It looks like there's going to be a bit of a wait. Headup

Dead Age 2 revealed that its Early Access release is going to be delayed a bit longer, more than a month actually. The game was initially set to be released for PC in Early Access through Steam and GOG today, June 3. The new date for release is now July 16.

Dead Age 2 is set a decade after an initial outbreak that has since led to the zombie apocalypse. Members of Jack’s camp from the first Dead Age have since gone to Freedom City, a place where it’s said that a cure was being developed. However, there appears to be more bad news than good as different factions have risen up in the area. There’s the Military, the Smugglers, and even the Independents.

Dead Age 2 offers a classic role-playing experience combined with turn-based combat. While the game does have a story, as already mentioned, it's something that players can follow even without knowing anything about first Dead Age game. Making the experience more exciting is that the decisions of the players have an effect on the story and this is why the game offers six different endings.

Other features of the game include a combat system where players can use as many as 24 skills and a Faction Reputation System that can affect the relationship a player has with the game’s three other factions.

Publisher Headup said in a post that they believe that the current version of the game hasn’t quite reached the technical quality standards they and developer Silent Dreams set for themselves. In short, they shared that “we are close but simply not 100% there yet.” One of the reason for the delay was the needed change in the work adjustments resulting from the COVID-19 lockdown. The change was important since it was crucial to keep everyone healthy.

Headup went on to say that they apologize for the delay, especially those who have been counting down to the release. They added that the decision was not easy, but are “striving for excellence, we humbly ask for your understanding in this matter.”

Additional features that players can experience once the game is released include an open world that offers 80 detailed locations. Then there is also the base-management feature that allows players to expand the capabilities of their camp, craft items, and even assign tasks to the survivors.

The Dead Age 2 Early Access release on Steam is now scheduled for July 16. Dead Age 2 is priced at $14.99.

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