DC Universe Online’s Next Episode Is All About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is back.
Wonder Woman is back. WB Games

It looks like the multiverse is broken and the only one strong enough to heal it is Wonder Woman. DC Universe Online is all set to introduce the next episode in Wonderverse. Launching in August, Episode 38 is all about Wonder Woman, all of them.

In Wonderverse, it appears that the Source Wall has cracked and resulted in the multiverse collapsing. The Amazons have found out that Themyscira has been dimensionally patchworked as the different universes merge. With the Sphere of the Gods in ruins, all gods, like the Greek Gods and New Gods, are looking for fragments of the Source Wall in order to reclaim their power.

To save the multiverse, the Wonder Woman of our universe has learned that the only way to repair the Source Wall is to collect those fragments. With gods against her, it’s clear that Wonder Woman is going to need all the help she can get. The good news is that players are more than ready to lend a hand. Even better news, it looks like that the Wonder Women of the collapsing universes are also helping.

In a post, DCUO Creative Director SJ Mueller said his favorite part about the upcoming episode was the chance to develop the Wonderverse concept. He went on to say that “nothing like it’s ever been done before in DC’s comics and it fits in perfectly in DCUO.” Mueller added that DC also had a council of Batman and Lex Luthor, so “why not a Wonder Woman?”

So what can players expect from this new and upcoming episode? The first is that Wonderverse is set to be a large-scale episode that comes with level-agnostic event versions of content available to all players, though only for a limited time. Players get to meet new and returning adversaries like the Greek Gods all the way to the New Gods.

This being a multiverse episode, it’s going to feature a Wonder Woman from five different universes. It also means that in terms of storylines, players get to have adventures set in familiar settings like Themyscira. Of course, players can also expect a lot of new things like new rewards, new gear, styles, artifacts, base items, and feats.

Are you ready to meet the Amazon powerhouse?

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