DC Universe Online Launches Flashpoint Time Capsule

Flashpoint makes an appearance.
Flashpoint makes an appearance. Dimensional Ink

It’s only been one week since DC Universe Online launched its Wonderverse event. While this may indeed be catastrophic, there’s one thing that’s blasting its way to the MMO that everyone is sure to love. It’s none other than the Flashpoint Time Capsule.

A Time Capsule is a legendary box item that’s dropped randomly by any enemy once defeated by the player. Like any other capsule, this one can be unlocked with Stabilizers. The Stabilizers themselves can also be bought in the Marketplace or earned in-game.

So what’s inside these new capsules? First are the Amazonian Conqueror Gear Styles. Compared to other versions, the Flashpoint Wonder Woman manages to stand apart by being fully armored, wearing the trophies of her foes.

Players are going to get a random gear piece as a choice in their loot selection window for each Time Capsule they open. Once consumed, the gear then becomes level-appropriate to the player’s character. There’s also going to be an Enhanced version of the gear that appears in the loot selection window.

There’s also going to be the Flashpoint Collection Rewards. Players can find the Future Flash’s Cowl, the Lasso of Truth, and a set of Madness Chromas. The styles are going to be earned through collections and appear as a choice in the loot selection window for each Flashpoint Time Capsule.

Flashpoint Emblems are going to be another thing players can expect from the capsules. Each one is going to be similar to the heroes players know, but are not quite identical. There are going to be a total of eight new emblems plus eight more Enhanced versions. These emblems are going to randomly appear as a choice in the loot selection window for each Flashpoint Time Capsule opened.

Alternate heroes and villains.
Alternate heroes and villains. Dimensional Ink

Finally, each capsule opened gives everyone a chance to reward the special Madness Aura. Players who manage to open 15 Flashpoint Time Capsules get to take home the new Amazonian-inspired Half-Up Ponytail hairstyle.

Quark Vendor Week

You can never get too many quarks, but this week you can get by with a few less. All items at the Quark vendors get an extra 20% discount for everyone. This is going to be available until August 12.

It's another Quark vendor discount
It's another Quark vendor discount Dimensional Ink

Quarks are a special currency found in Time Capsules and can be spent at the Rewards from Time & Space Vendor as well as at Booster Gold. These two vendors, along with their discounts, can be found in the player’s Headquarters.

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