DC Universe Online’s Latest Wonderverse Episode Launches On July 30

Welcome the multiverse.
Welcome the multiverse. WB Games

DC Universe Online is ready to release Wonderverse this Thursday, July 30. This is Episode 38 of the game and is set to be released for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The version for the Nintendo Switch is expected to arrive sometime in August.

The story follows the crack in the Source Wall with the multiverse now on the verge of collapse. It’s now up to Wonder Woman to find a way to repair the damage, but she won’t be able to do it alone. Good thing that Wonder Women from different universes are helping as well. Read more about that here.

This being about the multiverse, expecting different versions of our favorite heroine. In fact, there’s going to be five of them.

The new episode is also going to offer a new approach when it comes to an open world. There’s going to be raid-like world bosses. These boss fights not only come with more interesting mechanics, but also add to the story of the episode. In a post, DCUO Content Designer JackFrost said that they “wanted to reintroduce some of that old-school MMO experience, tough battles and scary bosses you can walk up to.” Meanwhile, DCUO Content Designer Charon added that these fights are meant for players to take on together and the “bosses will scale to some degree based on the number of players available to keep things interesting.”

What’s going to be the motivation in hunting after these bosses? Clearly, it’s all about the rewards. One big change that players should look forward to is that there’s going to be no loot locks. That means the world bosses have a chance to drop items directly, including base items and styles. In addition, the bosses will also drop a secondary episode currency that can be spent at a new vendor.

DCUO System Designer RedFive shared that with these changes, players “can run these world bosses endlessly, keep getting rewarded, and then use [their] pile of Aether to purchase red-hot new items."

There are also going to be three new artifacts which are the Purple Healing Ray, Lernaea’s Amulet, and the Lasso of Truth.

There’s no question that the new Episode is indeed bringing a lot of new things to the world of DCUO. What do you think? Are you excited for Wonderverse? Let us know in the comments section below.

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