Here’s What To Expect For The DC Universe Online Wonderverse Event

Help the Council save the multiverse.
Help the Council save the multiverse. WB Games

The latest episode for DC Universe Online is here. Dubbed as Wonderverse, Episode 38 is all about new threats and new allies, particularly the Council of Wonder Women. There’s going to be new daily and weekly Open World missions along with raid-like world bosses. There’s also a brand-new Solo and Alert plus Normal and Elite versions of a new Raid.

In order to take part in this event, players need to have a character that’s at least level 30 with a minimum combat rating of 299. Those qualified get the chance to meet, among others, Nubia, Red Son Wonder Woman, and Flashpoint Wonder Woman.

Here’s what everyone can expect from Wonderverse:

  • New Open World Missions – Wonderverse: Patchwork Themyscira
    • A crack in the Source Wall merged the Themysciras of different Earths together. As the wall crumbles even further, fragments of the Source Wall have started to rain down on the island. This has resulted in attracting different factions of invaders wanting to get their hands on this new resource. Help the Wonder Women fight the raiders and after that take the fight to their leaders.
  • New Solo – Wonderverse: Temples of Source Power
    • The different invading factions have noticed that Source Wall fragments appear to be attracted to places of power around the Amazon island. Queue for or walk into four different Temples and help the different Wonder Women deny at least one invading faction per day.
  • New Alert – Wonderverse: Crypt of Penthesilea
    • It appears that Queen Diana has decided, suspiciously in fact, to seal herself inside the Crypt of Penthesilea instead of turning over her share of the Source Wall fragments to the Council. Meet with Nubia to see if the two of you can convince Queen Diana to see reason.
  • New Raid and Elite Raid – Wonderverse: Fractured God Sphere
    • Poseidon has revealed that the Sphere of the Gods is crumbling and that the Gods themselves have been collecting Source Wall fragments in an attempt to increase their own power. The Council of Wonder Women know just how important those fragments are in repairing the multiverse. Enter the God Sphere and reclaim the fragments for the greater good.
  • New Gear, Base Items, Feats and More
    • Get the chance to earn new event currencies like Splintered Coins and Empyrean Aether. There are also new Augments and Artifacts. Players also have the chance to get new gear inspired by Grail and the Amazons. There’s a lot of new things coming with Episode 38.

DC Universe Online Episode 38: Wonderverse is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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