It’s Bonus Currency Week Again in DC Universe Online

See what the new time capsule offers.
New rewards are here.
New rewards are here. Dimensional Ink

Looks like it’s a good week to be in DC Universe Online. That’s because it’s Bonus Currency Week once again and this time it comes with new vendor rewards. The event starts March 18 and lasts until March 24.

This is also a good time to have this event since a new episode is arriving next month.

Solar Credits and Time Beacons

With this event, both Solar Credits and Time Beacons rewards are doubled in Long Live The Legion.

For those who forgot, Solar Credits are the main currency of Long Live The Legion and are usually given as a reward for most missions as well as from On Duty instances. Time Beacons, meanwhile, are an open-world currency given in 31st Century Metropolis. Players can use either one to get new gear and rewards at episode vendors.

Episode 39 Rewards

With Episode 40 just around the corner, that means it’s time to get those rewards for Episode 39. A total of eight new items have been added to the vendors and these are:

  • Solar Credits:
    • Enhanced Thrall of Ekron Aura.
    • 31st Century Hologram Aura.
    • Omega Emblem.
  • Time Beacons:
    • 31st Century Slimline Pack (3 Tunics and 3 Leggings).
    • Cosmic Boy Emblem.
    • Saturn Girl Emblem.
    • Lightning Lad Emblem.
    • Legion of Super Heroes Emblem.

New Mission

For this week as well, players can look out for Mordru's Wild Magic mission in 31st Century Metropolis. Destroy world bosses to get feats and even new boss drops. Players can look forward to these:

  • Boss Drops:
    • Eye of Ekron Uplink Device.
    • Ensorcelled Gem Turret.
  • Vendor Item:
    • Shadow Runic Hand Accessory.
  • ​Accessory Grants:
    • Red Runic Hand Aura:
      • Red Runic Hand Accessory.
    • Purple Runic Hand Aura:
      • Purple Runic Hand Accessory.
    • Teal Runic Hand Aura:
      • Teal Runic Hand Accessory.
    • Gold Runic Hand Aura:
      • Gold Runic Hand Accessory.

Time Capsule

Besides Bonus Currency Week, DC Universe Online also launched the Knight of Vengeance Time Capsule.

This new time capsule is a good way to prepare for Episode 40. The Knight of Vengeance Gear Styles is based on the Batman suit of Flashpoint, meaning, it’s the one worn by Thomas Wayne and not Bruce Wayne.

The capsule can be bought directly in the Marketplace or be unlocked using Stabilizers.

A good way to prepare for the upcoming episode.
A good way to prepare for the upcoming episode. Dimensional Ink

Learn more about this new time capsule here.

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