Days Gone’s 1.3 Patch Update Released, And It’s Pretty Hefty

17GB patch for a game that's yet to be released.
  • Playstation 4
  • Action-Adventure
  • Survival
Days Gone places a huge focus on your motorbike as a core gameplay mechanic.
Days Gone places a huge focus on your motorbike as a core gameplay mechanic. Bend Studio

The PlayStation 4 exclusive is set to release this Friday, April 26 and Bend Studio's final preparations are well underway. The developer recently released a new trailer which shows off some of the enemies you'll encounter in-game, as well as the various game mechanics that are in store for the player.

However, with these finalizations come some very taxing weight on your hardware, specifically your PlayStation 4's hard drive. The day one update for the game was recently revealed to be 17GB! This is surprisingly large, especially for a day one patch. The patch notes state that this update includes bug fixes and certain localisation updates. Some users are also reporting that the real number is around 21.42GB, possibly due to other languages and some other regional additions. Days Gone is Sony's next PlayStation exclusive following last year's Spider-Man, and it is helmed by Bend Studio, best known for their Syphon Filter series.

What's more interesting is that this 17GB may already be included in the game itself. A report from Player.One last weekend has the game's file size at 67GB, which is according to a press release kit owned by German publication PlayFront. This file also reportedly includes the day one patch, so it might not be a long-shot to say that this was already implemented long before this announcement.

Days Gone tells the story of Deacon St. John, a biker caught up in a zombie - sorry, Freaker - apocalypse. This world has also been populated with various gangs, dangerous wildlife and so much more, all of which aim to kill you. The recent trailer, The World of Days Gone, goes at length to explain what kind of dangers you will face and how you will survive against them, in the words of its creative director John Garvin. The game also features a dynamic weather system, which can heavily impact your playthorughs, as well as a day-and-night system. Freakers are more likely to come at night, making it much more important to time your journeys properly.

Days Gone will be released for the PlayStation 4 this Friday, April 26.

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