The Darkside Detective Gets Physical Release For Nintendo Switch

A Kickstarter campaign for the sequel is happening as well
Physical edition to arrive for the Switch.
Physical edition to arrive for the Switch. Spooky Doorway

The Darkside Detective is all set to release a physical edition for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders for the game are still being accepted until its official release on September 19.

The Darkside Detective has players visit the city of Twin Lakes. On the surface it looks like your typical American city with the exception of trans-dimensional doorways. There is no question that there is something wrong in the city. Not only is it overlapped with itself, but it appears to be out of sync.

While most people of the city won't accept or believe that something is amiss, Police Chief Scully and Detective McQueen are there to make sure that the darkness doesn't overcome Twin Lakes. As part of the Darkside Division, these two investigators are more than ready to take on cases that nobody else plans to.

Features of The Darkside Detective include:

  • Classic point and click adventure gameplay
  • Retro pixel art with a modern twist
  • OST by Ben Prunty (FTL, Into the Breach)
  • Six unique cases to solve, containing 90s pop culture references
  • Includes one free curse-removal, up to and including mid-level witch hexes

The Super Rare Edition comes with a copy of The Darkside Detective, and also includes interior artwork and and exclusive sticker. It even has a 20-page full color manual along with three trading cards that have been selected randomly from a five-card set.

Aside from the upcoming release of the physical edition, developer Spooky Doorway revealed that a sequel is being planned and is currently on Kickstarter for funding. As of this writing, The Darkside Detective Season 2 has already more than reached its goal.

Season 2 picks up after the events of Season 1. After clearing nine cases, one would hope that all is well in Twin Lakes. However as Season 1 ends, it appears that Patrick Dooley has managed to get himself lost in the Darkside. It is now up to Detective McQueen save Dooley.

While it is titled Season 2, new players have the option to play Season 1 or skip it. Like a many TV shows, The Darkside Detective serves as a stand-alone series. This means you can play the upcoming Season 2 even without going through the first Season.

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