The Cycle: Frontier Patch 3.1.0 Squashes Pesky Bugs from Season 3 Launch

Patch 3.1.0
Patch 3.1.0 Twitter/@TheCycleGame

The Cycle: Frontier’s Season 3 update was monumental because of how many significant changes it introduced to the game. Not only did the game shift to a permanent progression system, but new features were also added, such as the highly requested loadout presets and some starting gear via free loadout runs. However, because the previous update gave fans plenty of new content and features, it’s unsurprising that some bugs have slipped through the cracks. Thankfully, the developers squashed some of the most annoying ones in the recently released Patch 3.1.0.

One of the things that got fixed in this update is the “Last known position” bug, where the AI would constantly get an update of the player’s position.

In addition, players who experienced 100% CPU usage while they were on the Prospect Station do not have to worry anymore. The bug that caused this has been dealt with accordingly in The Cycle: Frontier’s latest update.


  • Reduced hearing Sense and Shared Sense to reduce mobs being pulled in from very far away for unknown reasons to the player
  • Increase aggro range slightly, this is so that the AI combat Roar/telegraph happens sooner and the player has a little more time to react
  • Increased far sight slightly, so AI are still fairly inquisitive when they are looking directly at you
  • Debugged the tutorial questline randomly locking up and preventing progression.
  • Fixed an issue causing creatures to occasionally not spawn inside the Crusher Caverns. Back to no pain, no gain!
  • Some archetypes did not have the global base suits they were supposed to have.
  • Some items in a keyroom on Crescent Falls could be looted without using a key. We called a better locksmith and this has now been taken care of.
  • A hole in the ground in Comms Tower has been filled with collision dirt. No more sudden falls! (Also, "filled a hole with dirt" is one of my favorite patch notes entries so far.)
  • Fixed coatings that did not properly display their patterns.
  • Fixed cosmetic items vanishing or not showing in the player's inventory.
  • Multiple "Rogue Thrill Seeker" base suits were not properly appearing in the character customization screen. Now they are.
  • Some items in Windfall Shop's display area were distorted/moving on their own. We fixed these weird instances of sentient haunted items.
  • A tree near Woodcutter Camp has been adjusted to be no longer climbable. Knocking on wood it remains as intended.
  • An exploit near Southeast Uplink on Bright Sands has been fixed.
  • Turned off flashlights that were staying on after death (while realistic, it was unintended).

The Cycle: Frontier Patch 3.1.0 is now available on PC.

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