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Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game, but it has some major issues. One of them is horrible AI, both police AI and NPC AI. Although CD Projekt promised that future updates will improve the state of the game, they didn't confirm whether the game’s AI will be reworked.

Playing a game with horrible AI doesn’t sound very fun. Don’t worry, the Cyberpunk community got you covered. You can take their help while you wait for developers to fix the game.

A new mod is available on the internet that improves the NPC AI behavior. The mod changes how they interact with each other and also reduces semi-circle walkaround. Unfortunately, police AI isn’t affected by this mod.

Installing the mod is also quite simple. All you have to do is copy the INI file and paste it in "Cyberpunk2077engineconfigplatformpc"

All the changes that the Alternate Crowd Behavior Mod makes are found below.

Changes List:

  • Increased forward obstacle detection distance
  • Increased the distance NPC's avoid the player
  • Decreased safe space around each NPC to allow them to get closer to each other
  • Reduced turning rate when adjusting path to avoid others
  • Reduced likelihood of stopping when running into another NPC
  • Increased distance at which NPCs can wait for lights
  • Increased check distance for J-Walking
  • Increased distance to avoid player
  • Increased path planning distance
  • Reduce the likelihood of NPCs disappearing when out of view
  • Increased time before despawn
  • Increased maximum allowed NPC's
  • Removed view-only spawning restriction
  • Removed speed based spawn blocking for crowds
  • Removed teleportation of NPCs to new locations

Take note that this mod does not stop NPCs from disappearing if you do something that scares them. Unfortunately, whatever is removing them is not controlled by any INI settings.

The mod is downloadable at the NexusMods website. There are two versions of the mod: the Lite and Full versions. We recommend using the full version as it makes most of the changes.

Even with all the issues Cyberpunk 2077 is facing, people still want to play it. Only within a few weeks, the game has already sold over 13 million copies. It’s not all good for CD Projekt, though. They are currently being sued by their own investors for misrepresentation. We will keep you updated about the lawsuits.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in this mod? Will you use this mod to improve your experience or wait for an official patch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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