Cyberpunk 2077 New Content To Be Revealed At Taipei Game Show

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Hungry Cyberpunk 2077 fans will get to feast their eyes during the Taipei Game Show where CD Projekt Red is reported to be revealing "Undisclosed Content" for the game. According to VG247, the developers for Cyberpunk 2077 will be revealing new details and content for the game that hasn't be revealed before at the Taipei Game Show on February 6. Apparently, the content is going to be shown to select audience members, which could be new gameplay footage that hasn't been premiered before.

Recently, we learned that Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed to late 2020 and the multiplayer component of the game will not arrive until 2021. While this news might have disappointed many Cyberpunk 2077 fans, the developers had to announce/reveal something to lift the spirits of fans. Fortunately, the acclaimed developers are ready to impress.

Recently, CD Projekt Red posted a video on a Chinese microblogging website that could have revealed what that new content might be. The video is specifically made for the Chinese audience and shows of some brief moments from within the game while giving a look behind the scenes at the game's localization. The developer hasn't posted any such video for the Western audience, but in case you are curious, the Chinese video version can be found below.

Although there isn't much that can be made out of the video, except that the developers are talking about the game's localization support and wishing the Chinese audience a happy new year. However, this is just the teaser for what we might see from CD Projekt Red at Taipei Game Show in a few days. Who knows? Maybe the developers can pull out one of their best cards from their sleeves and leave all of us hungry fans some awesome Cyberpunk 2077 footage to gorge on.

Whatever the case may be, we'll let you know as soon as we learn anything.

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