Curse of the Dead Gods Update 0.19.0 Patch Notes: The Serpent's Catacombs Doubles Content

Curse of the Dead Gods update
Curse of the Dead Gods update

Passtech Games, the developer of Curse of the Dead Gods, has introduced tons of new content and balances to the game as part of The Serpent's Catacombs update. With the release of the new update, the developer added new enemies, more difficult champions, a new boss fight, and new traps and game mechanics which make the game a bit more fresh.

There were some balancing changes made as well. The input buffer has been reduced from 0.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds. New Haven rooms were added in the second part of explorations and global stats were revised on how Offerings and Lifted Curses are counted.

Curse of the Dead Gods Update 0.19.0 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

What’s new

  • Three Serpent tiers each with their own atmospheres
  • New traps and game mechanics with poison
  • Six new dangerous foes
  • Two new challenging Champions
  • One new epic Boss
  • Four Serpent Game modes: Short, Medium, Long and Hard explorations

We’ve also fixed some little issues, have a look at the patch notes down there!

Balancing and other changes
  • Input buffer: Input buffer has been reduced to 0.2 seconds (from 0.3 seconds)
    • Design Note: Reducing the input buffer will avoid too much anticipated inputs to be effective, and avoid undesired moves.
  • Parry: All Parry Windows have been increased by two frames, making them 12 frames by default (from 10) and 14 frames when handling a Shield (from 12)
    • Design note: We chose to increase the parry window to make it more appealing and more reliable.
  • Haven Rooms: Add some additional Haven Rooms during the second part of all Medium Explorations
    • Design Note: Medium explorations should be easier to complete with regular healing sources.
  • Bestiary: Unlock conditions for bestiary have been adjusted and are now only linked to defeating the enemies and their elite versions
  • Global Stats: Made some revisions on how Offerings and Lifted Curses are counted
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