CS:GO Flashpoint Season 1: Results Of The Phase 1 Finals Are In

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Current standings.
Current standings. Flashpoint

Phase 1 of the CS:GO Flashpoint Season 1 has come to a close and three teams managed to get 75 points. These are MAD Lions, MIBR, and Cloud9. The tournament now takes a short breather before Phase 2 begins this Saturday. Today we look at what happened in the different Group Finals of Phase 1.

It's a MAD world

In Group A, the Grand Final was between MAD and HAVU Gaming. In a previous match, HAVU had won against MAD 2-1. This time, however, it appeared that MAD was more than prepared.

The first map was Mirage and MAD didn’t waste any time getting the first four rounds. However, HAVU managed to win three straight rounds to make it 4-3 in favor of MAD. MAD ultimately gained the upper hand and ended the round at 9-6. In the second round, it appeared that HAVU found its momentum, eventually fighting back to a tied score of 10-10. That appeared to be the end as MAD went on to win the next six rounds to close the match.

For the Train map, the first half was a close fight, but once the second half started it was all MAD with the team eventually getting the win.

Not enough Chaos

Chaos Esports Club then faced off against MIBR. Like what happened with Group A, this was also a sort of rematch with Chaos having previously won against MIBR 2-0. However, like with Group A, the win went to MIBR, though it wasn’t a sweep.

In the Overpass map, MIBR dominated the game and eventually got the win. In the second map, which was Inferno, Chaos took the lead while MIBR was forced to play catch-up to close out the match. However, it wasn't be enough and a Chaos win forced a deciding game three.

In Dust 2, it looked like MIBR was really hungry for the win and closed the first round at 12-3. With that lead, it didn’t take long for them to win the game and claim the match.

High on Cloud9

For the Cloud9 versus Orgless fight, the Train map was a rather close one with Cloud9 getting the early advantage and then rolling over Orgless in the second round. Orgless put the pressure on Cloud9 and got a strong first half, and despite a late surge by Cloud9, it wasn’t enough as Orgless won the Inferno map.

The final map was Dust 2 and Cloud9 breezed through their opponents in the first half. Orgless did fight back to get a 14-14 score. The round that gave Orgless the tie was an exciting one as there was only one second left and if they didn’t manage to kill all off Cloud9, that round would have gone to Cloud9. Cloud9 managed to get the upper hand in the next round to get a 15-14 score against Orgless. In the final round, a series of exchanges led to two members from Cloud9 against three from Orgless. Cloud9 managed to survive and win the round to claim the match and the Grand Final win.

What about you? Did you enjoy Phase 1? What matches are you expecting for Phase 2?

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